Heavy Vehicle & Cargo Truck Security Camera System with Park & Drive Mode With Built-In Wi-Fi For Mobile Phone Viewing and Playback

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3 Recording Modes, Driving – Event – Parked Mode

  • G-Sensor is activated in Event mode, automatic switching to and from Parking mode

High Definition with Smooth Video Play

  • Front Camera: Full HD (1920x1080P) 30fps
  • Rear Camera: HD (1280×720) 30fps


Back Camera With Night Vision

  • The back view camera sits on the outside of the cab or load with a wide range night vision infrared emitter.
  • The back camera can also be used as a backup camera that you can view live from your mobile phone or tablet wirelessly to help you connect to your load or to back into tight spots and corners.


BlackVue App

  • Fine-tune your BlackVue using your Android or iPhone smartphone or tablet


High HD Compression Technology

  • Record more high definition footage on the same capacity microSD card


High-Quality Coaxial Cable and Internal GPS

  • Coaxial cable for quick data transfer
  • Built-in GPS provides accurate speed and location data which can be accessed via the Blackvue Viewer and Blackvue Cloud viewer


SONY CMOS Sensor, 2.4 Megapixel Lens

  • Clear video with SONY sensor and megapixel lens both during daytime and night-time


Built-In WI-FI 2CH Video Recording

  • Check the front and rear videos via the built-in WI-FI


129° Wide-angle Lens

  • Record more accurate and wide clear video of an accident


Never worry about your parked truck again. Introducing the only security camera system that records surround video and sound while your truck is parked and turned off. Never worry about your battery level because the included sensor shuts off the cameras if the car battery is low in stored power or if the security cameras are overheating in adverse weather, making sure you don’t try to start your car with a dead battery or camera.
This high definition 2 camera security camera system for your Semi, 18 wheelers or other heavy truck with a super-wide 129-degree view will watch and record everything and anyone in stealth mode with no LED lights showing (if you choose), who might be interested in scratching, hitting or vandalizing your truck in any way.  The cameras work in park mode with the vehicle shut off or during drive mode with a crash sensor for easy video identification. You will easily be able to view and download recorded video from your mobile phone and instantly send and share videos by email or text. Included are 2 small wide lenses 1080p High definition cameras that can be installed by watching our installation videos or we can schedule a professional installation. Warranty is included and satisfaction is guaranteed.

DR750S-HD 2 CH Heavy Truck Cameras (2CH)

•2 megapixel CMOS sensor, 140-degree angle of view, Built-in microphone, High-Capacity Memory Card Support (up to 128Gigabit)
•Various Recording Modes, Motion Detection in Parking Mode Recording, 360 rotation cylinder in a sleek design, Full HD label
•Universal File Format: MP4, Video Playback on various devices, BlackVue App and Software (for your mobile phone or PC), MyWay Viewer
•Built-in GPS and G-sensor, Internal Emergency battery, Voice Guide, 3-color LEDs, Video out, Resolved Heat Issue


7 reviews for Heavy Vehicle & Cargo Truck Security Camera System with Park & Drive Mode With Built-In Wi-Fi For Mobile Phone Viewing and Playback

  1. Avatar for Corey Davidson

    Corey Davidson

    I bought it because I use the back camera to line up the trailer hitch. yesterday it caught two guys cutting my lines. one of the guys was related to the owner of the truck parking lot. I still don’t know what’s going on but at least my insurance company and the owner of the parkway was happy I had the video. My only gripe about it is the price. I have the car version which is $150 less. The only extra cost is for the back camera to sit on the outside with infrared while my new one for my Charger already has good night vision for the back camera and the front camera looks exactly the same.

  2. Avatar for Apri Willis

    Apri Willis

    August heat in Florida got to it twice but luckily the heat sensor turned it off before it overheated. Thankfully I didn’t have an incident but it could have happened. Might have to park it in the shade when it hits 95 degrees or more.

  3. Avatar for Eli Ramsey

    Eli Ramsey

    Real talk! I saw them messing with my rig once I got the notification on my phone. I’m able to connect the cameras to the wifi from the parking lot so I’m not paying anything to view the cameras. I downloaded 3 videos of what was going on and what happened. One thing I don’t like is the fact that blackvue only gives you 10 minutes per day to connect to your video stream remotely. Usually that’s fine but I had a lot of 1 minute videos I was trying to download. Its not worth buyng more time to connect because I usually view my recorded videos once I’m at my truck which is free to connect with a direct connect to my phone.

    • Avatar for homerestored


      Eli, that’s great that you park at a facility with WiFi you can connect to. I heard from a few customers who had the same setup where they park their trucks. It’s easy to connect to any WiFi you have the password to. Now about the limitations to viewing your cameras online. Yes Blackvue did limit Cloud viewing (online viewing) to 10 minutes. They charge you to view your cameras live or during playback if you need to go over that limit. I believe unlimited is $20 a month but 99 percent of our customers don’t bother with uping their Cloud viewing since they know that they can view their cameras for free and for as long as they want when they are standing or sitting close to their rigs with the cameras with direct connect.

  4. Avatar for Pete Blakemon

    Pete Blakemon

    great improvement in memory over the 550 version I got in my other truck I lease out. Now I’m getting the video length I need

  5. Avatar for Weh Huai

    Weh Huai

    now i have another use for all the available wifi hotspots where ever i park. Now netflix isnt the only thing Im watching on my phone.

  6. Avatar for Ken Stampfel

    Ken Stampfel

    I got the cameras just in time for bike week here! I caught one drunk biker busting my driver side headlight. He said he thought it was his friends truck – go figure. I also caught some idiots standing on the hood taking pictures. The cops were able to identify which bike and cars they came from. The back camera infrared caught some vagrant taking a squat between the wheels. There was nothing I could do about that other than make sure i didn’t step in it when I did a walk around the rig.

  7. Avatar for Kevin Arnaz

    Kevin Arnaz

    Getting anxious!! I can see someone staring at my truck from a distance at night when I playback the video but they don’t approach. I don’t know how he got on the lot but I already took a snapshot of the video from my phone and sent it to management and the police.

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