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24 thoughts on “360 Degree Live View of Your Parked Car From Anywhere

  1. How much is camera with installed on a 2008 toyota camera is there a monthly fee I want to be able to see the tires also is that possible

    1. Installation is between $50 and $95 in most places. In the New York and L.A. area it’s more. On your second question, no, but you’ll be able to see if someone is crouched down while messing with any of the tires. You’ll also hear tire punctures and other damage due to the sensitive camera microphone.

  2. I have two vehicles – is it possible to move the camera between vehicles?

    Vandalism doesn’t occur at my home.

  3. Couple of questions:

    1) Is the camera motion activated? Works with the vehicle turned off?

    2) How does the service work when parked in a subterranean parking with minimal to no phone or wifi service?

    1. The vehicle cameras are always recording a 5-second loop. When motion is detected it will continue to record video until that motion or vandalism is no longer detected. And yes, the cameras work with the engine turned off and the vehicle is parked without a driver or passenger present.

  4. Is it true that there is a 15 second ad or any ad that you must view before livestreaming in parking mode? Also if you receive a notification on your phone alerting you to motion, do you have to view an ad before viewing the stream? How many times per month can you access the cloud for free to watch how many clips? After that how much does it cost? My car is being vandalized and l need a reliable cam. Will my wifi hotspot on my phone connect? My car is less than 20 feet from the modem inside my apartment.

    1. There are no ads with the notification, live or playback streaming. And yes, within 20 feet from the modem the camera system can easily connect to the camera system.

  5. Hello,

    My name is Ms. Pat, someone is scratching my 2018 Kia Soul, every week. I live in New Haven, Ct. Can you recommend anyone to install the cam. I need one immediately.

    1. Patricia, When you make your order, you will receive an automated email with the closest installation location near your shipping zip code. In our listing, there are two highly recommended installation locations, PNA Autosport and Creative Audio & Security. You can also take your vehicle to any car audio installation shop in your area and they can install the cameras in just a few minutes. If they have any questions about the installations, they can call us direct at 800-590-4226.

  6. Hi, I live in a regrettably rough building and wasn’t aware until after I moved in. I have a dash cam that says it records when parked, but thats not the case, from the minute you leave the car lock it and walk away, within seconds the video turns off.I live on the 5th floor and I have had to buy a security camera for my balcony as they are coming in through the fire escapes which is against the law but sadly althought there are break ins no one cares; So I had to pay another $100 for anothe booster for my wifi but it still keeps going off line, its very hard to see there faces although you can see them and how many there are. I need a security camera in my car that cant be seen very well that can work off my wifi if possible, and one that videis and sends me motion detector messages when someone is near my car, as I have found finger prionts on my front wondow as they have been looking inside, they are scum of the earth and need to get a thing called A JOB. If they do they will see they can actually do something instead of stealing ither hard working peoples things . Ia m not going to apologies as I have ran out of patients, I would bring in a law to cut their fingers off, and I am a gentle woman of 60 but I read all these comments from other people who have nice cars and getting vandalised, its not right. Please help . sincerelly marney

    1. You need the 24-Hour camera system with the LTE Upgrade so you can stay connected with your vehicle and receive notifications no matter where your car is parked day or night. You also want to choose a PMP power connector to make sure your cameras stay on and active 24-hours a day. You can find it here

    1. Tiffany, there is a installation list updated frequently here:

  7. Hi just had my car extremely vandalized. They shattered my front windshield, flatten my passenger back tire, scraped my back windshield, and dented passenger back door and scratched back passenger window. I feel they will do it again and I need protection. What can video tape when car is parked and not in front of my house?

    1. Laura, sorry to here about your incidents. You need the most updated information about cameras for your situation. This article was written some time ago and these cameras improved even more over time. Get up-to-date information about these cameras here:

  8. Hi. I live in a condo with 24hours front desk but, still my cars have been and is being vandalized. Ruined the paint with liquids, keys, dents etc. Please help with the best camera system for my vehicles and balcony (10th floor balcony) that can record the parking lot.

    1. This page is a little old and our cameras have improved tremendously over the past few years and months. Get an updated review of all the available cameras with better video, range and options here:

  9. Hey so u guys have cam that will Record will
    stay connected with your vehicle and receive notifications no matter where your car is parked and far away
    If yes how much is it

    1. Yes and you should know they’ve improved the cameras even more for connectivity. Go here for more info:

  10. I have a 2018 Rav 4 and it was vandalised. It happened at night. In the day time the car port area gets lot of sun and traffic of peple and cars of other tenants. At night there are some lights in the car port area. I live on 2nd floor and from my window i couls see the car and it is about 50 feet away.
    1)Will your system work that far from my modem at night?
    2) do you have a camera that could be installed inside the car and have 360 view?
    3)Would a booster help my boost my Wi Fi signal for either system a) if installed in my 2nd floor window (b) if installed inside the car.
    Thank you

    1. Gary, We are updating this site and I want you to get the most updated information for your questions. We found them here:

  11. Do I have to have wifi for this to work? I do not have wifi in my car and cannot use my phone hotspot for it. I mainly am looking into this for the parked motion detection feature.

    1. You don’t need Wifi. The system will record without an external connection. WiFi does need to be activated on your phone to view the vehicle cameras when you are near or inside your vehicle.

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