How To Catch Someone Keying And Vandalizing Your Car

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You can catch someone keying or vandalizing your car or truck with a 24-Hour vehicle camera system. It consisting of two cameras that can give you a nearly 360-degree coverage. View the outside of your vehicle from inside the front and back window.

– Armand Lucas

The police will tell you that you need a legitimate eyewitness to your car or truck being vandalized. You can’t ask the authorities to investigate or go after anyone that you suspect is vandalizing your vehicle. Even if you or an eyewitness saw that person close to or around your vehicle, you or that eyewitness must witness them in the act of vandalism and record a statement.

Several dashcam systems are available on the market that can capture high-quality audio and video as you drive. However, what you need is a robust vehicle camera system that can record vandalism and motion around your vehicle at all hours of the day and night. It would be great if your cameras could also have an optional cloud video backup.

Get Instant Notifications With An Optional Hotspot Device

You have the option to link your cameras to its onboard cellular service so you can view your camera views from anywhere. You can also set up the cameras to send you alerts when your vehicle is being vandalized.

If someone leans on your car or cuts your tires, the G-Sensor (Gravity Sensor) will detect it and send you a push notification to you through the app. You can adjust the sensitivity of the camera’s gravity sensor from the app also. The vehicle cameras can also be set up to automatically upload videos to the cloud when they are tripped. If your car or truck is parked in a garage, you can have a video sent to the cloud for review from any device; this will also notify you right away. However, in an outdoor parking area, pedestrians and cars would trigger notifications every few seconds.

How Much Does Mobile Internet Service Cost?

Monthly data service for your vehicle camera system is very modest. AT&T, offers unlimited plans. Starting at $20 per month. This will allow you to have unlimited notifications from the cameras. When the camera’s G-Sensor is tripped, you receive a notification immediately. If you choose not to use the internal mobile service, you can always connect your mobile phone via Wi-Fi directly to your phone when you are within a reasonable distance.

You can also connect to an existing WiFi connection where you park your car or truck. When I park in my driveway, my vehicle cameras automatically connect to my home’s WiFi connection. Also, when I’m in the office parking lot, I’m connected to the business WiFi signal. It’s strong enough to reach my car in the parking lot.

Can I Capture The Person’s Face On Video?

Owners of SUVs and trucks have a better view of their surroundings when it comes to dashcams. They easily catch vandals keying or damaging their vehicles because they sit up higher than regular passenger cars. When someone is standing right next to the truck, the cameras can catch their chest to face level. It doesn’t matter how close they are to your vehicle. Passenger cars can maneuver their cameras a few inches lower on the windshield. This gives cars the advantage of capturing the whole view of the person, not just a chest-to-face capture.

How Are These Cameras Powered?

Until recently, you would need a professional installer to install these professional dashcam systems. They would usually install a direct wire PMP into your vehicle’s fuse box. PMP is an acronym for a power management system for vehicle cameras. They are usually purchased with the cameras and you would hand over the camera system with the direct wire PMP. They would install the complete system by connecting the PMP to the vehicle’s 12-volt fuse that controls the ignition switch. This fuse is located in the vehicle’s fuse box.

How Good Is The Night Vision On These Cameras?

24-hour vehicle cameras should have exceptional night vision. Very little ambient light is needed with the embedded Sony Chipset. The camera’s sensors will illuminate the vehicle’s surroundings. Allowing the cameras to capture the faces of vandals keying or damaging your car. You should also be able to identify passing cars and trucks and at times, their passengers as they go by.

What Should I Do With The Recorded Video I Captured?

Download the recorded video directly to your mobile phone via the camera app once you review it. When you have it downloaded to your mobile phone, you have several options. My favorite option is to upload a video incident to YouTube. Most mobile phones come equipped with a YouTube app that allows you to upload videos directly from your mobile phone.

Uploading a video of the incident gives you a point of reference that no one can deny. You can set this video to Private Viewing on YouTube and share the video’s unique YouTube website address. Share with the police authorities, neighbors, or close associates to review and act on it. Others prefer to give the video a detailed title and share it openly on YouTube. If uploading your videos to YouTube seems daunting, just hire the service of a teenage techy. They should have you up on YouTube before you know it.

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