Mon. Apr 19th, 2021

10 thoughts on “Which Dash Cam Records When Your Car Is Off?

  1. I am interested in your product. I live in Northport, Suffolk county NY. Can you tell me the closest professional installation professional? Thank you

    1. Maria, you can buy the vehicle cameras here at You can get it installed at Davenport Customs located in Durham.

    1. Your vehicle’s battery is charged by its alternator everytime you drive. When parked, the PMP power connector for the cameras monitors your vehicle’s battery every 6 seconds to make sure you have enough voltage to start your car or truck the next time you start your car. If your battery falls below a certain threshold, it will turn off the vehicle camera system to save your battery. If you drive your vehicle most days, you shouldn’t have to worry about a voltage drop and your cameras turning off.

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