Which Dash Cam Records When Your Car Is Off?

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Yes, there is a dashcam system that can record surveillance video around your car or truck when the engine is completely off and parked. Regular dash cams are fine for driving but most of our customers want cameras that automatically record in Park Mode. They need to know when they turn off the engine their vehicle is covered with cameras for at least 24 hours. Some leave the car or truck for the night or for a few days. Another feature that is extremely helpful is wireless connectivity. Forget taking the dashcam out and plugging it into a computer to download videos. You can wirelessly download video from the dashcam using your mobile phone. The free dashcam app allows a direct wireless connection to your phone. The captured video will be available as any other video file you record on your mobile phone.

Why 2 Cameras?

The dashcam system comes with 2 cameras. One for the front and back of your car or truck. Both cameras have a cylinder shape that allows the cameras to be able to roll 180 degrees. This gives you a view inside and outside of the car. Rolling the cameras inward allows you to nearly capture 360-degree views around your vehicle.

View Incidents Remotely

The cameras can also be viewed remotely on your mobile phone from anywhere using the app’s cloud service. As long as the vehicle is parked by a Wi-Fi connection or if the vehicle has internal Wi-Fi service, the cameras can be viewed no matter where it is located. You still are able to view your cameras wirelessly from your phone without WiFi with Internet service. Direct wireless works as long as you are within 30 meters (90 Feet) of the car with your mobile phone.

Vehicle Cameras Are Useless Without Surround Audio

The cameras have great audio pickup. It records audio all the time during Driving and Park Mode. You can de-activate the audio recording manually or from the mobile phone app. You also have the ability to adjust the brightness of the video recording. The default setting is usually your best option but you are allowed you to make changes if needed. In most cases, the cameras do not need to be adjusted for night time viewing. It automatically changes during different lighting conditions.

Protection From Unwanted Battery Discharge

For the system to record in Park Mode you need to have a battery discharge prevention power adapter. The adapter is called a PMP (Power Magic Pro). Some providers charge extra for this device but we offer it for free with the purchase of our Cameras. Also, the 24-Hour 750 and 4K model is a comprehensive upgrade from the older 650. Another thing to consider is tech support. We support our customers throughout the installation and use of the Blackvue camera system for free. We also offer free shipping. As long as you have your 24-Hour vehicle cameras you will be able to reach us if you have any questions.

If you choose to have your 24-Hour 360 Capture Cameras professionally installed you will be assured that we will help you find an affordable installation facility. Most are within 5 miles so you can have your cameras up in running soon after you receive the system. It’s part of our mission statement to make the purchase, installation, and use of our vehicle camera system as easy as possible for our customers. You can purchase or read further specs on each of our camera systems below.

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  1. 1

    I am interested in your product. I live in Northport, Suffolk county NY. Can you tell me the closest professional installation professional? Thank you

    • 6

      Maria, you can buy the vehicle cameras here at Homerestored.com/shop. You can get it installed at Davenport Customs located in Durham.

    • 8

      Your vehicle’s battery is charged by its alternator everytime you drive. When parked, the PMP power connector for the cameras monitors your vehicle’s battery every 6 seconds to make sure you have enough voltage to start your car or truck the next time you start your car. If your battery falls below a certain threshold, it will turn off the vehicle camera system to save your battery. If you drive your vehicle most days, you shouldn’t have to worry about a voltage drop and your cameras turning off.

  2. 11

    I’m in Brooklyn New York, anywhere close to there?

    I’m looking to get two for both cars, does one order come with two cameras? For the back and front of the vehicle ?

  3. 13
    Judy Pruitt-Hensley

    what other ewuipment must i buy 2 install correctly? I have older vehicles w/o wifi ….2001 Dodge Ram 1500 & a 2004 Chevy Monte Carlos SS Intimidator….will it work on those & can I install myself easily? I am mechanically inclined 🙂

    • 14

      Yes to both questions. For more detailed info on installing the newer versions of this camera, go to bit.ly/Car-Cameras

  4. 15

    Do you have skilled trusted installers in New Jersey ? Either 08081 or 07960 are codes ? Also can these camera capture the side doors ? Aside from the cell phone can you also save the videos on a usb ? Thx

    • 16

      To answer your first question, yes. You can find installers near 08081 on this site’s installer listing page. To answer your second question, yes, you capture video covering the sides of your vehicle and third, the cameras save video to the included SD card. Go to bit.ly/Car-Cameras for more information with agents to talk to.

  5. 17
    Cheryl Naisher

    I really need that for my truck and I live in Lowell Arkansas . Is there any way I can get one for my auto ?

  6. 20
    Joanne Raleigh

    Does anyone install your products around Uniontown, Pennsylvania. if not maybe Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area?

    • 21

      Joanne, you can find a frequently updated list of vehicle camera installers here: bit.ly/Car-Cameras

    • 23

      Jessica, yes, you can easily install the cameras yourself. Here’s a site with more updated information about the vehicle cameras and how to install them: bit.ly/Car-Cameras

  7. 24
    Kitty Reilly

    How much is this? I want it ASAP . I’m in Cornelia Ga but work in Franklin NC. Is there a place near here ?

    • 29

      Bryan, the Denali is perfect for this type of camera setup. In Hollywood Florida, Powersource Motorsports is one location that installs these types of vehicle security cameras but they’re on the more expensive side. A quick Yelp search with the search name Blackvue can pull up several installers in your area.

  8. 30
    jonniesue staley

    I just bought a brand new mini Cooper I need this camera to protect my car while I’m not in my car and at night I do not have Wi-Fi and I live in St. Louis park mn ,My question is where do I buy this and who can help me install it like I said I live in St. Louis Park Minnesota I need help thank you so much jonniesue staley

    • 31

      Jonniesue, the installer you are looking for is located 5 miles from you. Streamline Audio, 9919 Valley Rd. Eden Prairie,55344
      You can purchase the Blackvue DR750-LTE 2CH at bit.ly/Car-Cameras

      • 32
        jonniesue staley

        Do I go on your website and purchase it that way is there a way to help me I have a brain tumor and all I know and I’m a cancer survivor also I know that doesn’t mean nothing but I treated myself to a brand new car and they are actually destroying it and I’m sick to my gut so is there a way somebody can help me through this process I need help badly ASAP and how much is this

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