24-Hour 360 Degree Security Cameras with Night Vision for Cars & Trucks (Park & Drive Mode) Built-In Wi-Fi For Mobile Phone Viewing and Playback with LTE Option

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If you suspect your neighbor or an ex-significant other is vandalizing your car, you need a vehicle security camera system that can record 24-hours a day with enhanced night vision.

Why are we selling the Blackvue DR770x-2CH as a 360 Degree camera system?

You can position the 2 cameras to give you a wide back view as well as a wide front view giving you a better unhindered near 360-degree coverage than the Secure360 and other so-called 360 brands in the market (see video above). You can also choose to have the second camera positioned in the back window of your vehicle facing outside the back window or have both cameras face each other which allows you to view the sides of your vehicle from two different perspectives. The Blackvue DR750S-2CH is versatile enough to cover your vehicle from a multitude of angles with 2 cameras.

If the DR770x-2CH has a Cloud Viewing service, why would I upgrade to the LTE version?

The Blackvue DR750S-2CH can connect to an existing WiFi hotspot from within your vehicle or when you parked near a WiFi signal you have the password to. You can also purchase a WiFi hotspot for your car or truck that stays on even when parked but this will require connecting it to the vehicle’s power separately from the dashcam. This is fine for customers who can connect to their home WiFi in their driveway or where they work and most of our clients use the wireless direct connect to view their recorded or live videos from the cameras as long as they are within 90 feet of their vehicles

The DR770x-2CH LTE has a micro SIM card slot that allows you to add your own SIM card to the camera system to stay connected to the Cloud 24 Hours a day. You can view your cameras from anywhere in park or drive mode without the hassle of acquiring a hotspot modem for your car unit . With the always-on GPS map, you can find your car anywhere using the Blackvue app.


The new Sony Starvis image sensor that is embedded in this upgraded vehicle cam system, delivers extraordinary low light performance in dark driving and parking conditions and if you need more brightness in dark environments, the cameras feature Enhanced Night Vision. When activated, it will boost the sensitivity to low light without brightening the highlights in bright contrast in its view. View crisp detailed video day and night even with dark 5% tinted windows.


You can connect to your dashcams anytime, from anywhere in the world with Over the Cloud Viewing and a Hotspot modem or if you’re parked near an Internet-connected WiFi.

Get an Instant Alert via Push Notifications on your phone when someone leans on your vehicle, attacks your tires, or tries to vandalize your vehicle in any significant way.

Back up important security videos to the free Cloud storage. If ever your vehicle cameras become compromised, turned off, or stolen, you will still have proof of the incident.

Play and download videos from your dash cam’s memory or the Cloud service anywhere using your mobile phone, computer, or tablet. You can playback video remotely or with a direct WiFi connection.

When your cameras are connected to the Cloud using a hotspot modem or an existing WiFi with an Internet connection, you can enjoy Two-way Voice Communication with the driver from the included app through the camera system’s integrated speaker and mic.


The GPS adds precise location and vehicle speed data to your videos.

Speed: the vehicle’s speed data will be overlaid on the video (can be turned off in the settings).
You can choose to display the speed in Kilometers per hour (Km/h) or Miles per hour (Mph).
Location: you can visualize the location of your vehicle in the BlackVue Viewer’s Map during video playback.

Direct Wi-Fi lets you connect to your vehicle cameras with a smartphone or tablet. Wi-Fi also lets your vehicle cameras connect to the Over the Cloud function via any home or mobile Wi-Fi hotspot (router).

Bank Level Encryption Technology: protects your videos from being hacked by unwanted viewers. Program updates are sent through the app periodically. You have control over applying the program updates.


Rest assured, knowing that your car is being monitored while you are away from your vehicle.

The cameras automatically switch to Park Mode to monitor your parked vehicle, but only writes to the memory card when something happens (motion or impact detected).

Thanks to the video buffer, the few seconds leading to the triggering event are also recorded.

Update 07/2020: The LTE Version work with both AT&T and T-Mobile micro-SIM cards. Most other GSM cards should work as well but these are the two providers that were tested thoroughly recently.

Scheduled Reboot:

Electronic recording devices can benefit from restarting between long recording sessions. When hardwiring an advanced dashcam for Park Mode, it may stay on for days. In some extreme cases, unexpected errors can occur. To avoid this, the 750 Series features the option to schedule a daily automatic reboot (by default in the middle of the night) to minimize potential errors.

The reboots can happen only when the dashcam is in Parking Mode and not writing any data to the microSD card. This means no Normal driving, Event, or Park Mode recording will be interrupted by a scheduled reboot.

Super stealthy:

The 750 Series allows you to completely turn off all LED indicators in Park Mode. Only the recording LED indicator facing the interior of the vehicle will blink when motion or impact is detected.

This dual-camera system records high-definition video and sound with Omnidirectional pickup from inside your car or truck when you’re driving or while it’s parked unattended. The 770 series security cameras record in full 1080p, 2.1 Megapixel high resolution at 60 frames per second with a built-in pro-active DVR built into the main camera which records both the front and the back camera on one heat-resistant SD card. Positioning the cameras in a near 360-degree angle completes the coverage of the front and back of your car or truck with extra-wide camera views at 139 to 159-degree range depending on your car or truck window height. Most security camera systems for cars and trucks only capture video when your vehicle is on to provide power.

Your front camera has a 36o MXL microphone built-in, giving you 360 degrees of high definition surround sound pick up. These features are crucial in identifying incidents as well as individuals who may be involved. This is the only security camera system that will record surveillance video while your vehicle is turned off and parked. The 750 series camera will be able to read license plates and see faces of people near and at a distance from your vehicle better than the previous series. The camera lens rotates inward to view what is going on inside the cab of your car or truck so you can capture not only what’s happening outside of your vehicle but inside as well with surround sound recording. You can add the Power Magic Pro unit to your purchase to ensure your vehicle’s battery does not drain beyond the power it needs to start the ignition. This is an important feature other dashcam systems can’t offer. The sensors in the Power Magic Pro will automatically shut down the cameras temporarily if your vehicle’s battery power is below a certain threshold in stored power. Ensuring that you are not left stranded because of a power drain.

Do I Really Need Accessories For My BlackVue Camera System?


Your Blackvue camera system has everything you need right out of the box to record video while your vehicle is in drive mode but for 24-hour recording drive or park mode, you’ll need to add a Power Magic Pro that connects to your vehicle’s battery with discharge protection or our battery system you can monitor from your mobile phone.

But… There are other enhancements, The polarized CPL lenses to eliminate sun glare and of course, extended warranties.

The 2nd small camera in the back window completes
the 360 Degree View

Professional Installation Available?

Professional installations are available in most areas. DIY videos are also available online if you decide to install the cameras yourself. Technical support is just a phone call away and available to answer all of your questions about installation or tech support.  If we’re not available, we will normally respond within 2 hours with a phone call between 9 am to 6 pm Eastern standard time.


Purchase a vehicle security camera system that can notify you via your mobile phone instantly when someone is vandalizing your vehicle. You also need the best video monitoring system available with 360-degree coverage. Our newest vehicle security camera system can handle both of these challenges. It has double the frame rate of our previous model and an upgraded front and back camera that can handle more extreme heat and cold than our previous model (50 degrees more in Fahrenheit). This dual 24-hour security camera system for cars and trucks has all the benefits of the previous generation but with better and faster video capturing. Now you can see license plates and faces more clearly even when they pass in fast motion.


17 reviews for 24-Hour 360 Degree Security Cameras with Night Vision for Cars & Trucks (Park & Drive Mode) Built-In Wi-Fi For Mobile Phone Viewing and Playback with LTE Option

  1. Avatar for Amanda Evans

    Amanda Evans

    I really thought this was 4K! The playback is so intense I can’t see what the 4k version could do better. When she came up to the car and leaned on it I can see every bit of her also I was able to hear her keying the car with a grinding noise even though she tried to hide what she was doing by acting like she was just leaning on the car and looking at her phone.

  2. Avatar for Patricia Silva

    Patricia Silva

    I just saw a comment on another page that you can zoom in the video and take a snapshot of faces and plates. Is that true or do I need to download something else to make that happen? I got the cameras and as I’m adjusting them I cant seem to get it to zoom in.

    • Avatar for homerestored


      Yes, you can zoom into a recorded video but not a live video you are probably using to adjust the cameras with. Playback a previous video and use two fingers and spread the view. You’ll see that the video is zoomed in. Once zoomed in, you can move around within the video to capture the view you want. One thing the other post mentioned we didn’t think about is using your phone’s snapshot capture feature to keep a picture of what you want to capture. This works on Android phones when you press the down volume and power button at the same time.

  3. Avatar for Pasha Bellamy

    Pasha Bellamy

    I just returned my waylens 360 camera for my car. Great concept but I couldn’t make out faces even when they were in the car! Zooming in made the video look like crap and pixelated. I replaced it with these cameras and Pow!! I can see everything in detail. No more pixel squares when I zoom in during playback. Night vision was very good – not perfect but 10 times better than the waylens camera. You should do a comparison video between the waylens camera and your cameras so people can see the difference.

  4. Avatar for Horace Woodbright

    Horace Woodbright

    I actually installed the cameras myself because the installer I took it to told me that he wouldn’t install it without a PMP. Now that you guys send it with the OBD power connector which keeps the installer from opening up the fuse box and making changes, I was able to install it in about 20 minutes by just plugging the power with the OBD connector. Your video must be old because you talk about selling the cameras with the PMP connector which is hard to do for the average person. I ordered one for me two months ago and last week for my daughter and they both came with the OBD power connector. By the way the cameras are great but I haven’t activated or used all of the features. I’m giving it 4 stars for the cameras but not 5 because it needs directions that go more into detail about certain features I’m not using because I don’t know how to use it.

    • Avatar for homerestored


      We’ve taken your comment to heart. We should have made more videos about the different features you can use with these cameras. Since the cameras work great right out of the box in default mode we actually took our time getting to that video. We are now moving forward in producing a series of videos instead of after the holidays which we were planning. As soon as they are completed. We will upload the videos the site and on our YouTube channel and we will also notify you and current customers of the video postings. We are sending you a $50 coupon code for any future purchase on for bringing this to our attention.

  5. Avatar for The Goose

    The Goose

    Love it! 😉 🙂

  6. Avatar for DeShaun Kirby

    DeShaun Kirby

    just got my hotspot modem. I had trouble connecting it to the camera. I sent a message to the website at 2am and they responded at 7am. They had me up and running in 10 minutes. That is service you don’t normally get with websites today!

  7. Avatar for Gina


    My windows are tinted. Will the tint interfere with the night vision of the camera. I am sure every time my vehicle was messed with it has been late at night?

    • Avatar for homerestored


      Your windows being tinted does not affect daytime coverage but at night you will have to park where ambient lighting is near your vehicle. For example, parking lots or city street parking. If you park in a very low lit area (countryside), you must activate the low light parking function from the app. This will allow you to see more with less light but faces would be blurry from a distance.

  8. Avatar for dfunk


    I purchased my Blackvue vehicle camera system in July of 2018 after an extensive online search for the best value full featured vehicle security system. I followed the installation instructions and was up and running in about 2 hours. The system worked flawlessly for 5 months, but stopped recording in February 2019. The warranty repair process revealed that the issue was a possibility defective SD card, which was replaced at no cost to me. Upon receiving my camera after repairs, i had a little difficulty linking the system to my phone. A quick call to Armand Lucas of Home Restored (late in the day on Friday!) Got me the resources, the Blackvue computer app, and the professional technical guidance I needed to fix the problem. Thanks Armand for your quick response, patience, and professionalism. I would recommend Home Restored to anyone looking for a great security camera system WITH excellent customer service.

  9. Avatar for Jeremy Lisle

    Jeremy Lisle

    I have tinted windows and I wanted video of who was scratching my car. I was skeptical that the cameras would see through my tints since they are so dark but within a week I was able to see that it was the guy who works right next to me at the next service station. He tried to say it wasn’t him and the video only shows him walking really close to the car but when I played it back to my supervisor, you can hear the scraping sound of keys or another piece of metal on my car. You also see him quickly look back and smirk and kept moving as though no one saw that. The supervisor called him in. Shouting started. Next thing I know,, He was fired. I just wished I ordered the cameras 4 months ago when it started. I paid so much in paint repair and I didn’t even know it was happening on the job at first. I was blaming the next door son.

  10. Avatar for Yuri Petukhov

    Yuri Petukhov

    This is the best deal I found online for Blackvue so far. You can’t beat free. Every Blackvue dealer I looked online for wanted to sell their sd memory card for a high upsell of $90 or more for the 128G card. They also charge $29 for a power connector. Now the cameras do come with a cigarette power connector but it’s useless when you turn off your car and no power runs through it. You have to buy the OBD power connector to get 24 hour power and the 128 card gives you about 3 days of recording. That means other vendors are up charging about $120 on most sales but here they give you the 128 card and OBD power connector for free. That’s a large savings! I bought the first one for my wife because of what happened at her job but now I’m going to buy one for my car before they change their mind on giving the add ons away

  11. Avatar for Efrin Almaraz

    Efrin Almaraz

    15 minutes? It only took 5 minutes to install. The instructional video took longer than the actual installation. I guess you had to say 15 for the di-di-di’s. My only complaint about the video is whoever is putting the extra wiring in the front driver side wheel well in the video is doing a terrible job. They need to bundle that wiring better with a tie wrap and not loosely place it there.

    • Avatar for homerestored


      Efrin, you are right on both points. We are reshooting the video to demonstrate how you should bind or roll your excess cables and secure them in the wheel well. Also, we were thinking about changing the time it takes to install this particular set up in the new version of the video to 5 minutes. The traditional installation is the one that actually takes 15 minutes.

  12. Avatar for Chris Marek

    Chris Marek

    Indigo thanks for recommending!

  13. Avatar for Rina Rosario

    Rina Rosario

    I wish LTE was available sooner. I bought these cameras before they had the upgrade, now no one I know will buy the old ones because the new one is easier to keep connected. BTW I’m using cricket wireless sim card and the connection is decent no matter where my civic is parked.

  14. Avatar for Yolanda Sanchez

    Yolanda Sanchez

    I ordered the 256g card because I didn’t want to depend on the cloud service to record everything for me. I’m glad I did because it seems the cloud doesn’t upload motion around my jeep. It does trigger and upload video if someones leaning against it or messing with the truck. With the lte upgrade I get notifications and can see my camera views pretty good and review recorded video directly from the 256 memory card no matter if its motion or vandalism. I don’t like the fact that I have to buy my own sim card to put into it. Yes, metropcs sold me one and I was able to get monthly data for about $10 a month but I think once you spend the money I spent, They should at least offer a sim card for free.

  15. Avatar for Austin Decante

    Austin Decante

    You don’t have to buy the monthly cloud service and you still can see your cameras!! They give you 10 minutes of daily cloud service for viewing for free! I didn’t even bother getting the LTE upgrade because I park close enough to my house to pick up my wifi and where I park at work I get free wifi because I have Xfinity cable which means I can use any wifi signal in florida that’s coming from xfinity cable wifi and there is an xfinity signal in the parking lot close to where I work at as well as the gym.

  16. Avatar for shevette thomas

    shevette thomas

    I visit your website daily and your products appear to be always out of stock, so I am sending this email asking when will your 24-Hour 360 Degree Security Cameras with Night Vision for Cars & Trucks be available for purchase?

    • Avatar for homerestored


      They are always in stock with overnight shipping available here:

  17. Avatar for tony lopez

    tony lopez

    does LTE option mean i can see cameras from inside my home or my church from my Iphone?

    • Avatar for homerestored


      Yes, You will be able to view your cameras from anywhere. The LTE cameras relies on the same concept as your phone connecting to wireless mobile service.

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