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BlackVue Installation & Connection Videos

This is the first step in connecting your mobile phone to your BlackVue vehicle cameras as a Direct connection. You need to be near or in your vehicle (within 90 feet) with a straight line of site to connect to your cameras with a direct WiFi connection. This does not include an Internet connection but you will need your WiFi active on your smartphone for your Blackvue cameras to connect to the cameras to view live video or to playback recorded video from your cameras.

With the OBD2 power connector, anyone can install their BlackVue cameras within minutes. The video below shows you how to install your cameras within 15 minutes with a certain type of surround view. Even though the video says less than 15 minutes, we had novices who never tried installing anything in a car install their cameras within 5 minutes.

Your cameras can connect to an Internet connection via a WiFi hotspot or wireless modem. Actually, it can connect up to 3 different hotspots. You can purchase a hotspot for your car. Our favorite free hotspot internet service for vehicles is FreedomPop. We list their website to purchase one of their hotspots below. Your home can also provide a connection to the internet with your personal WiFi connection (if you can park close to your home to receive a strong enough Internet connection).

Here is a video to show you how easy it is to connect your BlackVue caneras to an existing Hotspot or wireless modem connection

For free Internet service for your vehicle, use FreedomPop.

It’s not meant to be used liberally but for the few times your vehicle is vandalized. 500MB of service is more than enough to receive notifications of vandalism and the occasional remote viewing. Purchase their Sim card and insert it into a Hotspot modem. You can order one here at: