Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

6 thoughts on “The Best 360 Car Cameras, Waylens Secure360 VS Blackvue

  1. Hello , can you please advise me in regards to buying a 360 motion sensor car video recording camera for catching the vandalism that is scratching deep scratches, plus denting my vehicle, I have an idea who is damaging my car and its getting really bad now , I do believe it is my ex partner he is very spitfull and I know its him , but I cant get any proff, and he is laughing at me because he knows I know he is responsible, my car is a 2018 year reg, so it really angers and hurts me, as it’s a sham that this is my first ever newest car iv bought, there was not a mark on the car now it has dents and scratches off which is getting out of control, I truly totally just want to catch this person acting out hes vandalism crime and hand the video recording evidence straight over to the police ,that would be so great ,but there are so many car cameras online , it’s so hard to get the correct one , also I’m not a rich person I’m on my own paying for all my Bill’s I cant afford to be conned or ripped off, my car is not a big luxury experience car , but to me I save up for a long time and I love my little Suzuki swift boosterjet 2018 reg, it’s not far I have to park my car miles away from my home because of this , so can you help me to pick the ideal 360 car vandalism recorder as my dream is to catch him and have him arrested, it’s not nice but I know I haven’t done anything to deserve this, he is a mean spitfull person, this is why I’m no longer with him but he is tearing my car to bits , help please

    1. The cameras you were viewing on our site have improved so much that you need to see more updated information. Especially on the Waylens and other vehicle cameras. Go here for more updated information:

  2. It’s unfortunate that you don’t list a phone number so that potential customers can get their question answered in a timely manner. I would like to order the 4K package right now, but I definitely need your advise as to how a 2Channel system can give you 360 degree coverage. Is there an authorized dealer in Seattle area that can help? Is there an instructional video that I can give to an installer instead?

    1. Calvin, we are in the process of upgrading this site. The great news is that you can get updated information and talk to agents and installers via text or phone from here:

    1. Marianna, you can get help immediately from an updated site offering these vehicle cameras here:

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