6 Channel Security Camera System Hard-Wired with 4 Audio HD Security Cameras, 4K & 1080p Output, Free Image Cloud Storage, 3 Year Warranty Included

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Includes 3 Year Warranty & Free Lifetime Tech Support!

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Zoom Into Live Or Recorded Video From Your Mobile Phone

We’ve upgraded our most popular security camera DVR to the resolution of 1080p 5-Megapixels input and 4K output. That’s almost double the video resolution of our previous 2.4-Megapixel camera system.  With 6 channels, this HD-TVI system is expandable and can handle up to  2 additional IP cameras up to 2 Megapixels in resolution.  The 6 channel camera system with 4 vandal-resistant HD-TVI High definition Megapixel cameras is an upgrade to our other low-cost options but with superb video quality normally found in IP camera systems. If you are purchasing this system to upgrade your previous security camera system, you can use your existing analog wiring (RG59, Cat6, Cat5) with up to 1500 feet of steady high definition transmission that rivals IP or analog cameras. You can monitor video and audio from your premises anytime, anywhere using your mobile phone, tablet or computer via the free HK app for Apple and Android Phones and Tablets. The DVR supports 3 different types of cameras at once and can handle multiple viewers online. The system is SSL and password-protected to give you the next level of protection to prevent hacking and open source viewing.

Square Installments

HD Camera ViewThe camera system is automatically set to record when motion is detected. Saving you loads of high definition hard drive space to give you up to 2-3 weeks of recording with 4 security cameras. If you need more security video recorded beyond 2 weeks you can always upgrade your hard drive space when you make your order. You can set the recording DVR to give you instant Mobile Alerts with Smart Motion Detection if there is activity detected during certain times of the day or night you elect to be notified.  The system can also be programmed to only pay attention to motion within the video that is important so you are not recording video of traffic, swaying trees or other motion that is not important to you. This HD-TVI security camera system also allows you to add any of your existing analog security cameras as well as IP cameras you may have because it can detect analog and IP signals. Since the system is Hexaplex, you can Playback, Record, Backup or view video live all at the same time because of the multitasking feature that allows up to five functions to occur on the system at one time while also monitoring and managing the cameras remotely. This high definition security camera system accepts HD-TVI, Analog, HD-CVI and IP cameras as well as its miniature microphones for indoor and outdoor use.

Onboard Hard Drive & Cloud Storage

Your camera system comes with a 1 Terabyte hard drive for onboard video storage that can be viewed remotely from a mobile phone or computer. You also have the option to record pictures of motion that have been captured to ensure you keep a record of an incident in the case of your camera system being stolen or disconnected.

We offer Platinum level security cameras because of their ironclad 3 Year warranty and low-cost High Definition. Their security camera systems also allow us to offer the lowest installation prices if needed because of the ease of installation. We can also provide professional installation. All of our installers are individually insured, licensed and trained to properly install HD-TVI security cameras.

Add An Optional 2-Way Audio Video Doorbells

Add one or two video doorbells to your camera system that can record independently or along with the smart security camera system. Unlike other Video Doorbell Cameras, There are no monthly fees required to get the full benefit of using the 2-way audio function or record video of the interactions and conversation from our video doorbell.


Price Guarantee!

We guarantee that no one will beat the price of our security camera bundle. We purchase large quantities of high-quality security cameras and DVRs and our specific bundle pricing is even lower than our vendor’s offer to their customers. If you find a new HD-TVI bundle with the same security cameras, DVR and features at a lower price within a month of your purchase, we will immediately refund the difference.

 Have Questions?

Have one of our security camera experts answer your questions or request. We are here to answer all of your questions about installation or tech support. If you’ve already purchased one of our security camera systems and need help setting it up to view your cameras online or to help you view a previously recorded video, we are here to help. We can quickly help you set up your password protection, mobile viewing or smartphone push alerts. Most questions are responded to in less than 2 hours between 8 am to 6 pm Eastern standard time.

Package Includes:

(1) 6 Channel Full TriBrid ( TVI/Analog/IP) DVR

(4) 2.1 Megapixel HD-TVI Cameras

(4) Miniature Microphones for Security Cameras

(1) Terabyte Hard Drive installed

(4) Pairs of HD Baluns

(1) 12-Volt, 4 Port Power Supply (3000ma)

(1)  Remote control

(1) Mouse & Instructional CD

Add IP to HD-TVI (1)

  • 2.1 Megapixel HD-TVI bullet security cameras provide 1080p HD video
  • Integrated IR array lets the cameras see up to 65′ in complete darkness
  • Smart IR technology reduces IR over-exposure at the center of the image
  • Hybrid+ DVR works with HD-TVI, analog, and LTS IP cameras
  • Supports up to 5 cameras: 4x analog and/or HD-TVI (any combination), One 1080p IP camera can be added
  • DVR records 1080p HD video @ 30 fps per channel
  • DVR supports the following camera resolutions: Analog, HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHS, CIF
  • DVR offers multiple recording modes (continuous, motion detection, schedule)
  • H.265 video compression to save hard drive storage space
  • 1TB hard drive for weeks of video storage
  • HDMI, VGA and BNC monitor outputs for convenient viewing
  • Free iOS/Android mobile app for viewing live and recorded video remotely
  • HD-TVI technology transmits zero-latency HD video

9 reviews for 6 Channel Security Camera System Hard-Wired with 4 Audio HD Security Cameras, 4K & 1080p Output, Free Image Cloud Storage, 3 Year Warranty Included

  1. Avatar for Massing


    I love it but every couple of weeks I have to clean the cobwebs away from the lens or it creates a weird view at night with the infrared bouncing off it.

  2. Avatar for kamin Naifeh

    kamin Naifeh

    My store gets robbed constantly. Now I can easily make a video copy on my phone of the robbery or other incident and send it to the community officers that patrol here immediately. They have faces and car view that is very sharp with very good zoom if needed.

  3. Avatar for Hud Ledbetter

    Hud Ledbetter

    Like it a lot…Love it? no. playback video is easy on my phone. in fact everythin is easy on the phone but looking at it on the computer is a chore. Make it as easy as using the phone app and I can love it with 5 stars

  4. Avatar for Manny


    I finally caught that 72 year old sexy beast stomping on my flowers and knocking over my pots. He tried to deny it but he was still wearing the same Rammones t-shirt from the video. I was able to play it back on my phone so the officer who came out can see. While that was happening my grumpy neighbor went in to change his shirt – like that was going to help him.

  5. Avatar for Kevin


    Installed friday, caught the next door kids on sunday with a clear image of what they were carrying out of my garage with their faces.

  6. Avatar for Ferro


    reliable but you have to set the app to clear view to see the cameras at its best resolution which slows down the video stream when you your not on wifi. I keep it on balance because its better to see it faster and its at a good enough resolution.

  7. Avatar for vincent Atalla

    vincent Atalla

    I’m glad that they back up their cameras with a warranty. One camera went down and they immediately exchanged it. Installation was easier because I got help from the call center.

  8. Avatar for Sabrina


    Me and my sister actually install the whole camera system ourselves. it was easy. The connections were twist on connectors. How hard is that.

  9. Avatar for Chris dreiser

    Chris dreiser

    I thought they will be the same like swann cameras. they are much much better. I playback video from my on my old LG motion while im at work.

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