No Monthly Fees! 180 Degree Panoramic View Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera, Advanced 2-Way Audio & Video Notification with 3-Year Warranty

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If you want a true 180-degree viewing experience with more control over your video doorbell without paying a monthly fee, you need the new HomeRestored V1 Doorbell which gives you three storage backup options without the monthly fee the other video doorbell companies like Ring and Skybell charge.
This doorbell camera allows you to insert an SD card up to 128G that can give you up to 6 months of video storage viewable from your phone, tablet or computer remotely from anywhere. You also get free instant Cloud service so you can capture a snapshot of anyone coming into the camera’s view with a more precise motion sensitivity and grid placement you can control from the camera’s app to pick up motion in any area in the camera’s view you designate as important. That Cloud clip is crucial if the doorbell camera is vandalized. You will always have 7 days of Cloud backup to view that incident without the need of the SD card or any backup device.
My favorite backup option for this special camera allows you to view and record the doorbell video right onto your existing security camera system. Other video doorbell camera manufacturers want to keep their cameras in a closed cloud system, meaning, they don’t allow the doorbell’s video streams to be recorded by another security camera system because that may deter you from possibly paying them a monthly fee to view your camera footage from their paid monthly cloud service which is really the bulk of their income.

Our Wi-Fi video doorbell is specially made to be compatible and work independently or seamlessly with established security camera systems and face/object recognition cloud software.

Our video doorbell connects to your existing doorbell wiring and has a 180-degree video view. Get twice the video resolution than the pro versions of Ring or Skybell video doorbells for less money. Also, unlike the Ring and Skybell doorbells, No Monthly fee is required to operate. This video doorbell camera system can record video directly to your DVR or you can add a 128G SD card to record onto the video doorbell’s memory independently.

 Compatible with any IP and HD-TVI Security Camera Systems from multiple manufacturers

  • Mobile Phone Viewing with Pan, Tilt, Zoom Capability
  • Supports a Micro SD Card up to 128GB

  • 2.1 Megapixel 1080P High-Definition Wi-Fi

  • 180 Degree Panoramic View

  • Day/Night View with Built-in Infrared

  • Comes with 4 Stylish Changing Faceplate Colors (White, Bronze, Silver, Black)




IFTT Compatible to automatically turn on lights, send messages or turn on other devices and door locks with your permission.











10 reviews for No Monthly Fees! 180 Degree Panoramic View Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera, Advanced 2-Way Audio & Video Notification with 3-Year Warranty

  1. Ken Stampfel

    My sister has security cameras with the Ring doorbell added separately. She hates the fact that it’s a separate app to control. I added this to my new security camera from this store and it works with the camera system so I don’t have to leave the app to talk to whoever comes to the front door and be able to see where they are going on the other cameras. I also added a MyQ controller for my garage door so when packages come, I can tell the delivery guy to slide it into my garage when I open the garage door remotely. After I watch him do it on the doorbell camera and my other camera in the garage, I close the garage door from the MyQ app and everything is secure.

  2. Horace Gretlene

    My regular doorbell was low on the side wall and it didn’t face forward to the driveway. I didn’t think it would see much until someone was close to it. Surprisingly, the doorbell camera sees the all the way to the driveway just fine to the front door without that irritating FishEye look. It rings the existing doorbell, which I like but it takes a minute to get use to answering the doorbell from the bathroom. I keep forgetting that they can’t see me.

  3. Chrisi Chebaugh

    It works!

  4. Sabastian Pichot

    It needed some fine tuning but its nice to eliminate another monthly fee. It works with the cameras I have at home and it records on that camera system. enough said.

  5. Estefan Salores

    Okay, there are some pros and cons to the video doorbell but it’s much better than the ring doorbell i had for two years for a couple of reasons. For one, the ring video doorbell came up with something that was considered very revolutionary at the time and that is the motion sensor which is really a heat motion sensor. I do like the fact that the heat motion sensor was meant to detect people not video motion and you can change the sensitivity to the heat moron but the Ring doorbell motion sensor does not do that very well. No matter what the sensitivity level that I set it to, it will always pick up large trucks and SUVs driving by on the road in front of my house since my ring doorbell faced the street out in front and the the street is more than a 70 feet from my front door I still picked up garbage trucks and large SUVs that passed by because of their heat signature. I also realized that even though you can change the directions of where it will pick up heat motion it wasn’t quite doing that. This new doorbell camera does a better job because it makes sure that you can draw boxes on the video view of exactly where you you want motion to be detected. So when it came to making sure it only picked up motion at the front door and then the front yard I didn’t have to worry about motion that was happening with cars driving by only when someone actually walked up to the front door or through the pathway to the front door. I also was able to change the sensitivity of the motion detection more accurately than the ring video doorbell but there is the flaw I’m hoping the new camera doesn’t have – motion pickup from Summer bugs! Right now I’ve eliminates 90% of the false motion alarms I use to get on my phone from Ring but I never had to worry about bugs crawling on rings cameras screen since it will only detect heat and it’s winter – so no bugs. I’m wondering if a moth or a spider would trigger the motion detection during summer months. I wrote to the site and they responded by saying they haven’t experienced any problems yet (of course they would say that) but since this new doorbell just came out in September, summer was almost over. They did mention that new program and app updates are coming to “ensure optimal performance” to the cameras and as a customer, I’ll receive an email when they come out but I’m crossing my fingers on this issue. Outside of that I’m happy with it so far because the doorbell camera works on the same app as my other security cameras. Also, with the SD card I have in it, I don’t have to pay a monthly fee for access to my recorded video unlike Ring that keeps your video hostage unless you’re paying them monthly or yearly.

  6. Gene Provo

    I replace my ring with this video camera doorbell because I was frustrated with the false alerts every time a truck passed by on the street. Chris in support showed me how to make the doorbell only pay attention to certain movements and not others. I was still getting too many false alerts and when I called back I got a Lucas on the phone who told me to lower the sensitivity to motion. I still get one or two false motion alerts every two weeks but nowhere near the amount I got from the ring doorbell. What really does it for me is the fact that I was able to call tech support and they were patient enough with me until it worked to my satisfaction.

  7. Onnab Ibrahim

    First of all – you need a video to show how easy it is to connect online. My brother, whos an engineer took a half a day trying to connect it online. Finally, we found a video on youtube that showed that all you had to do was download the app and it walks you through the set up in 2 minutes. All we had to do was take a picture of the little box code on the ringer with the app and viola it was connected. My brother was asking me about ip addresses and signals and all that engineering talk and all we had to do was take a picture. 5 stars when you have a video. It will save people a lot of headache.

    • Armand Lucas

      Onnab, We have recently improved the WiFi setup. The app now walks you through the connection step by step. I agree, beforehand, it used to be confusing trying to make a connection because the engineers who built and program this video doorbell device assumed that the person installing it would have the knowledge to connect a device to a WiFi modem. Now, you can connect to your home or business WiFi connection just as easily as connecting your phone to your local WiFi. You also have more controls and options for sensitivity to motion and connecting to third-party security camera systems and home automation devices right from the mobile phone app.

  8. Craig Rosenberg

    Easy installation with the included video. I was upset with it at first because it would notify me every 2 seconds on my phone when someone drove by or a bee would fly by. I got help from tech support that walked me through setting up the sensitivity on motion detection and showing me how to get it to accept certain motion and not others on both my phone and ipad. My only suggestion is that they include a video showing how to setup configuration so I don’t have to track down tech support.

  9. Enos Carroll

    I have a Google mesh router connection so the doorbell connected right away. You can hear some audio effects when you connect to it but its not too bad but it’s something they should work on. I talk to tech support about this and they said it should clear up in the next firmware upgrade. They seem to be pretty knowledgeable. I set an appointment for them to walk me through making changes to the settings and they not only answer my questions but they told me what settings work best for certain situations and sun locations. Now that’s knowing your product!

  10. Greg M. (verified owner)

    It’s better than nothing or the Ring units. Definitely much lower quality camera than the no fee unit Amazon sells at close to the same price.
    Pros: It has settings where you can pick the “box zone” in the field of view where the motion sensor get’s activated. I like this. It has different sensitivity settings where you can choose pictures of a human, cat or stupid geese flying over head at 100′ LOL. I do think the sensitivity/event trigger is better at starting the recording than the Skybell we had before this.

    CONS: There is one that makes me not sure I want to keep this.
    On HD setting, you can’t make out enough detail on someone’s face for it to be worth more than just knowing someone was there. If the sun isn’t on someone’s face when they get to my porch, their face is just dark.
    Setup was a pain if you have Comcast, the Xfinity routers don’t like this unit – even if you turn off the 5 Ghz network. It also has a really poor range at only 2 meters = 6 feet. Luckily, I have an old apple Time Capsule running it’s own 2.4 Ghz network and a signal booster just inside the house – because this couldn’t see either router from 15′ away…
    The really big problem I have is that even though I shared it with my wife and daughter, they can’t look at videos to see what the event was… My wife has a home business and needs to know when packages are left there, we have porch pirates come through our neighborhood from time to time. This alone is a big issue. I’m having her log in with my account as of this point…

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