Vehicle Security 

Which Dash Cam Records When Your Car Is Off?

Yes, there is a dashcam system that can record surveillance video around your car or truck when the engine is completely off and parked. Regular dash cams are fine for driving but most of our customers want cameras that automatically record in Park Mode. They need to know when they turn off the engine their vehicle is covered with cameras for at least 24 hours. Some leave the car or truck for the night or for a few days. Another feature that is extremely helpful is wireless connectivity. Forget taking…

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Security Cameras 

3 Reasons Why Your Security Video Will Be Thrown Out Of Court

Security video is normally seen as irrefutable evidence that can establish a when, who and where but sometimes the video does not establish empirical evidence. At other times, it can even exonerate the very person who committed the crime in the video.The following shows 3 possible ways your security video can be thrown out of court and how to prevent it from happening. Time Stamp ErrorAccording to the FBI training video, Caught On Camera, more than half of all security camera systems have the wrong time stamped on their surveillance video by…

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