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Ann Shea,  Student Apartments, Austin TX

Ann manages 5 apartment complexes. Some of them had security cameras but every time there was an incident at one of them she would have to go to that location and view the security video from there. HomeRestored allowed her to be able to view all of her cameras from her mobile phone as well as playback video from her tablet at home and in the office. We’ve even added some great surveillance cameras that allow her to zoom in to see who’s in the parking areas. Sometimes she can view license plates depending on the angle of the car that’s park. This is a time saver for her since she can see if the buildings are being well maintained and if other cars without parking stickers are parking in the private lot.

George Willingham, Altamonte Springs, FL

George is the new day manager at his furniture outlet store. He ordered new high definition cameras from us to tamp down on incidents in the parking lot and loading docks. The installation was more challenging then what was previously mapped out but since we guaranteed a flat rate installation we managed to keep everything within the original budget.  The system now has four 2 Megapixel IP cameras and we’ve upgraded four analog cameras to 1.3 Megapixel HD-TVI. The installation took our crew 6 hours to install and 2 hours to connect the system online so management can view the cameras remotely from their work tablets.

Szymon Bosko, Chicago, IL

We replaced Szymon’s old security cameras with these new cameras and he can’t believe what he’s been missing. Now Mr. Bosko can see license plates in his small back lot. He also is able to know when others have taken unit renters parking spots as well as see their faces too. The installation didn’t go smoothly but the installers bent over backwards to make it work within the same day. We’ve even suggested adding a new motion light that turns on with motion is detected so he can zoom into license plates at night.

 Noel Desuyo, Jersey City, New Jersey

(Noel) We were getting our cars keyed in our driveway on the side of the house as well as the front. We tried some cameras that we bought from Ebay but they were terrible when it came to watching our cars at night. When we contacted Lucas at HomeRestored he told us that we might be able to use the same wiring we already put up for the Ebay cameras and replace those cameras with new HD security cameras. We were impress with the quality of the video and using the mobile app was much easier than the app that came with the other cameras. A month after we installed the cameras, we upgraded our modem and we needed help to reconnect our security cameras back online so we can view them from our phone’s again. Tech support took time out to help us reconnect without charging us even though we made the change.

Steve Alianiello,  U.S. Real Estate Syndication & Investment Corp., Orlando, FL

1MP-LTS(Steve) I called Lucas at 8:30 am and HomeRestored installers were at our location by 10 am connecting our camera system online and showed me how to view it online through my laptop by 11:30. He had no problems the next day taking my son’s call to make sure he can view the cameras from his iPhone. Great personality and great personal service.
We offer Professional HD-TVI and HD-IP security cameras because of their ironclad 3 Year warranty and low cost high definition. Their security camera systems also allow us to offer the lowest installation prices because of the ease of installation. All of our installers are insured and licensed.