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360 Degree Video Recording In Your Car or Truck in Park Mode 24 Hours a Day

There are many dashcams available that offer great coverage while driving your vehicle but we’ve only found one camera system for cars and trucks that can record 360 degrees in extreme detail far beyond a Waylens 360 camera while your vehicle is parked with the engine off. Our 2 camera system can automatically switch from Drive to Park mode automatically. Vehicle owners don’t have to remind themselves to put their cameras in Park Mode when they leave their vehicle’s. We wanted the best for our customers with the best security cameras…

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5 Lies And Surprising Facts About Security Cameras

You’ve been told some pretty tall tales about security cameras. Because of slick marketing and Hollywood movies, we’ve all been brainwashed into believing some incredible misinformation about them. You’ll even be surprised about what security cameras can really do that has never been discussed in public or in the media. The following are 5 lies and surprising facts about security cameras you weren’t aware of. Misinformation #1  Law Enforcement can Enhance An Image From Security Video The only image that can be enhanced are images of numbers and alphabets. This technology works great for…

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