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3 Identity Snatching Apps You May Have Already Installed On Your Mobile Phone

For hackers, the game has changed. They are finding it much easier to steal your information, not by using their hacking skills but by letting you hand it to them on a silver platter. Your mobile phone is a goldmine of information. With GPS, banking information and social media info stored on your mobile phone. You are giving away information about who you communicate with, where you drive to and where you spend your money. It use to be hard for hackers to find detailed information about you, now you’re helping them…

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Wired vs Battery Powered Security Cameras

Completely wireless security cameras that worked on battery power alone weren’t even a thing a few years ago. Battery issues meant that you only got a few days worth of recording before a completely wireless camera conked out on you. That all changed in 2012 with security cameras that were introduced to give you up to a year of continuous use on battery power alone. Yes, there are security cameras advertised in the market as wireless but for those camera manufacturers to use the term wireless misleads consumers into thinking that…

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3 Best Ways to Stop A Home Invasion For Under $100

Burglar alarms at times can give us a false sense of security when it comes to a home invasion. A burglar only needs a short window of time to get what he needs with or without you being home.  Also, many criminals are desperate enough to ignore alarm horns once they have cased out a home for a quick entry and exit. How do you stop home burglaries and invasions?  I’ve listed 3 ways to stop or significantly slow down a home invasion. Giving you or your family enough time to…

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4 Reasons Why Your Keys and Wallet Are Obsolete

Our habits can change rapidly when a leap in technology helps us to enrich or provide more time in our daily lives. For example, with the advent of smartphones,  photos that are dear to us are no longer stuck  in our wallets or photo albums. We share and comment on them instantly because of our reliance on handheld technology. Sharing photos happens to be the  first popular and practical cloud service offered that happen to have a practical use. Very few people still carry photos in their wallets today because…

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