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The False Alarm Tax

Your city may be on the list for a false alarm tax. Over 80 cities have changed their response policies to burglar alarms, especially when they create false alarms. Cities across the United States are charging heavy fines up to $500 when police are sent on an unverified alarm call that turns out to be a false alarm. So what is an unverified alarm? Any automated alarm that is sent to an alarm company or directly to the police (92% of all alarm calls) is considered an unverified alarm and police…

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Police Say Fingerprints Are No Longer Necessary?

Several police departments are stating that they may reduce or eliminate fingerprinting procedures during burglary investigations citing rising cost of personnel needed for violent crimes.  Sketch artist are further being reduced if not eliminated or outsourced all together Share List

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How To Fail a Lie Detector Test While Telling The Truth

Don’t get caught telling the truth! There is a reason why lie detector officials ask only short and direct questions. Making their best effort not to smile or frown or give any indication of how the answers were perceived. Deviating just slightly from a question can cause a “false positive”. Recently, a very good friend of mine decided to apply for a police department position. One of the requirements to take the job was that she take a lie detector test. Unfortunately, Share List

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