Vehicle Security 

360 Degree Live View of Your Parked Car From Anywhere

Technology has finally caught up. If you had the misfortune of having your vehicle keyed or your tires punctured on more than one occasion then you know what happens next. You contact the police and tell them that you have a pretty good idea of who’s doing the damage but they tell you that they are going to need proof to move forward in an investigation. In some cases, they’ll try to pull up fingerprints from your ride and you will have to wait weeks for the fingerprints to be…

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Home Automation Security Systems 

Why Ring Video Doorbell Is Still King of all Video Doorbells has proven itself to be the dominant video doorbell manufacturer in the market. Their commercials are in heavy rotation on TV and YouTube is pegged with hundreds of its how-to videos. The incredible amount of venture capital keeps the marketing wheels turning but I credit Ring’s staying power to its ability to add innovative new features to its existing products that enhance an already impressive feature list. Enhancements you just can’t get in other more seemingly better video doorbell devices. Just recently, I wrote an article about alternatives to…

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Mobile Apps Vehicle Security 

The Best And Most Affordable Security Cameras for Cars

Security cameras for cars and trucks should record video 24 hours every day even when the vehicle’s engine is turned off. They also need to be small and hidden and unlike the OmniVue 360 camera system, they need to be affordable and reliable. For 15 years, I was more than happy to install security cameras for homes, businesses and local facilities and I had always turned down requests to install security cameras in cars and trucks. The reason being is that there were 5 big problems with security cameras in cars that needed to be solved.…

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Security Cameras 

HD Security Cameras Are More Affordable Than Regular Cameras

What may seem obvious to an experienced security camera installer may not be so obvious to most people. You can actually spend less money by having a High Definition security camera system installed instead of a regular high quality camera system because the zoom quality of an HD security camera is 4 times more powerful with more pixels captured than a regular security camera. That means 4 HD cameras, may they be IP or HD-SDI cameras, can cover the same amount of open area as 16  high quality analog security…

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