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Are Insects and Weather Triggering Your Security Camera’s Motion Detection?

If you’re reading this article then you already know that your security camera’s motion detection feature was poorly designed. Most security camera systems are notorious for detecting motion indoors from fine dust particles floating around at night to the changes in light conditions indoors from sunlight creeping through the windows. Worse yet, outdoor security cameras will detect motion from insects crawling or flying in front of the camera lenses during the day and especially at night. This can cause false positives every few seconds and drive you to near insanity every time…

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The False Alarm Tax

Your city may be on the list for a false alarm tax. Over 80 cities have changed their response policies to burglar alarms, especially when they create false alarms. Cities across the United States are charging heavy fines up to $500 when police are sent on an unverified alarm call that turns out to be a false alarm. So what is an unverified alarm? Any automated alarm that is sent to an alarm company or directly to the police (92% of all alarm calls) is considered an unverified alarm and police…

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3 Best Ways to Stop A Home Invasion For Under $100

Burglar alarms at times can give us a false sense of security when it comes to a home invasion. A burglar only needs a short window of time to get what he needs with or without you being home.  Also, many criminals are desperate enough to ignore alarm horns once they have cased out a home for a quick entry and exit. How do you stop home burglaries and invasions?  I’ve listed 3 ways to stop or significantly slow down a home invasion. Giving you or your family enough time to…

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