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Cars and Trucks are Naked Without 24 Hour Security Cameras

Cars and trucks are a large investment for most of us. So why don’t our vehicles come with security cameras or dash cams that work when our vehicle is parked and the engine is turned off? Wouldn’t it make sense for the industry to install 24-hour low profile dash cams inside of them to protect that investment? Wouldn’t insurance companies line up to offer more affordable insurance to any car or truck with that extra feature? Our vehicles are always vulnerable to vandalism when they’re parked on the streets or in a…

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Vehicle Security 

Manage Several Vehicles with Live Video, Audio and GPS Right From Your Mobile Phone

An affordable and easy way to monitor your transportation or delivery fleet is with a reliable 24-Hour Vehicle Recording System for fleet management. Control live view or playback video right from multiple mobile phones or computers remotely. Forgo the expensive fleet management cameras and software or clunky recording systems that take up too much room in your vehicles. Wouldn’t it be better to purchase a system that is a third of the cost of other fleet camera systems with an ironclad warranty? You’ll find that dual vehicle security cameras are…

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