Vehicle Security 

24-Hour Work Truck Security Cameras with Park Mode & Free Internet Viewing

Work trucks are valuable targets. Tools and materials are stored either inside or on the vehicle during transport and they are especially vulnerable when they are parked somewhere overnight or sitting at a job site. Work trucks are also a target in vehicle accidents because they usually carry a more robust insurance policy than a regular passenger car or truck. 24-hour video and audio cameras are essential when it comes to ensuring you have proof of an incident. Protect your work truck with our vehicle cameras with Cloud Connection. The cameras…

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Featured Home Automation Security Cameras 

The 3 Best Face Recognition Video Doorbells For 2018

Video doorbells have come a long way since Ring video doorbell came into the market a few years ago. Next level features like face recognition and animal awareness are now available from other manufacturer’s 2018 models that will make smart video doorbells the must-have security feature for any home or business entry door. RING was not the first smart doorbell that featured video security but it was revolutionary for being the first video doorbell that was easy to install and its cloud recording came during a time when High-Speed internet…

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Home Automation Security Systems 

Homes That Attack Intruders

Not only is it legal in most states, homes that physically attack intruders are increasingly becoming popular among homeowners who are looking to protect more than just their HD TVs.  Art collectors, gun owners and others are turning to an alternative to alarm systems that stops intruders before they have a window of opportunity to rob their home. Along with security cameras that alert you with a picture or video on your mobile phone when someone enters your home unannounced, some homes are equipped with biodegradable pepper spray bombs that…

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Facebook Catches Criminals with Face Recognition Security Video

Believe it or not, most criminals have social media profiles as well as mug shots online that can be instantly accessed and matched to criminal acts. With the addition of today’s security cameras which have become more affordable with higher video definition that capture faces with more clarity than ever before, giving us more information to work with. The problem is that most police departments are not as savvy as most teenagers and young adults when it comes to using social media as a conduit to track everyone they come…

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Home Automation Security Cameras Video Doorbell Alternatives has an innovative Wi-Fi Video doorbell but there are key elements missing from the doorbell unit that some customers find annoying. Here are some of the problems and alternative devices to’s camera doorbell. The Ring video doorbell originally started off as a Kickstarter project under the name DoorBot. The release of the unit stuttered a few times because of manufacturing cost and small hurdles in software but the device soon gained heavy backers which gave its R&D enough financing to help solve a lot of issues with the unit…

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3 Best Ways to Stop A Home Invasion For Under $100

Burglar alarms at times can give us a false sense of security when it comes to a home invasion. A burglar only needs a short window of time to get what he needs with or without you being home.  Also, many criminals are desperate enough to ignore alarm horns once they have cased out a home for a quick entry and exit. How do you stop home burglaries and invasions?  I’ve listed 3 ways to stop or significantly slow down a home invasion. Giving you or your family enough time to…

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Security Systems 

Your Security System Is Spying On You

With some security systems a burglar or a home invader can learn you and your family’s routines, see who’s presently home and see if your alone.  Security systems were not designed to give up this type of information but unfortunately for some homeowners, these systems can be the tool others can use to disarm and invade your home with the least amount of trouble for them. Here are a few tips to avoid having your security system tell on you.. Share List

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Laptop Security Security Systems 

Game Systems That Fight Real Crime

There has been a lot of talk about making electronic devices with GPS tracking that can be activated by the police. Unfortunately, many manufacturers of popular devices site cost and implementation as a reason not to install such a measure in their devices but luckily there is software you can install in certain devices that can help you catch the criminal red handed. In fact I found two stories of devices catching criminals on video as they celebrated their Share List

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