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24-Hour Work Truck Security Cameras with Park Mode & Free Internet Viewing

Work trucks are¬†valuable targets. Tools and materials are stored either inside or on the vehicle during transport and they are especially vulnerable when they are parked somewhere overnight or sitting at a job site. Work trucks are also a target in vehicle accidents because they usually carry a more robust insurance policy than a regular passenger car or truck. 24-hour video and audio cameras are essential when it comes to ensuring you have proof of an incident. Protect your work truck with our vehicle cameras with Cloud Connection. The cameras…

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24 Hour Parked Car Video Capture System

I’ve installed security cameras for homes and businesses for years, but I’ve always avoided customers who asked me to install security cameras in their vehicles to protect them from angry ex-spouses, neighbors and parking lot incidents. It’s not that I didn’t want to install them, it’s because I couldn’t find anything on the market that can satisfy 4 of the biggest issues;   1. It has to work in park mode, unattended, without draining the car battery. 2. It also has to be discreet enough so it will not attract…

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