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Facebook Catches Criminals with Face Recognition Security Video

Believe it or not, most criminals have social media profiles as well as mug shots online that can be instantly accessed and matched to criminal acts. With the addition of today’s security cameras which have become more affordable with higher video definition that capture faces with more clarity than ever before, giving us more information to work with. The problem is that most police departments are not as savvy as most teenagers and young adults when it comes to using social media as a conduit to track everyone they come…

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HD-TVI Crushes HD-CVI Security Cameras

Everyone is looking for a more affordable option when it comes to high definition security cameras. Professional IP security cameras which are usually installed for corporate consumers are hard to configure, can be highly expensive and live and playback video can playback with a choppy staccato motion. There was a need for high definition analog security cameras since most businesses and some homes still have analog wiring from their old security camera systems and the other reason happens to be that analog systems have a smoother playback with less missed frames of video. HD-SDI was…

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