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No Installation Required Outdoor Security Cameras

Technology has moved us along to the point where we don’t need a professional installer to install high definition security cameras at our homes and small business. Long lasting battery powered high definition security cameras have now come onto the market and you can install them yourself in minutes. A few of these cameras don’t even require you to have tools or any knowledge of security camera technology to install them yourself. Completely wireless security camera systems are now more affordable than ever and the technology embedded in them allows…

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Wired vs Battery Powered Security Cameras

Completely wireless security cameras that worked on battery power alone weren’t even a thing a few years ago. Battery issues meant that you only got a few days worth of recording before a completely wireless camera conked out on you. That all changed in 2012 with security cameras that were introduced to give you up to a year of continuous use on battery power alone. Yes, there are security cameras advertised in the market as wireless but for those camera manufacturers to use the term wireless¬†misleads consumers into thinking that…

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