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3 Identity Snatching Apps You May Have Already Installed On Your Mobile Phone

For hackers, the game has changed. They are finding it much easier to steal your information, not by using their hacking skills but by letting you hand it to them on a silver platter. Your mobile phone is a goldmine of information. With GPS, banking information and social media info stored on your mobile phone. You are giving away information about who you communicate with, where you drive to and where you spend your money. It use to be hard for hackers to find detailed information about you, now you’re helping them…

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There’s A New Spy Inside Your Mobile Phone

Imagine someone secretly loading a stealth program onto your mobile phone that will sell your secrets to the highest bidder. Everything from your ethnicity and how many times you go to McDonald’s to broadcasting your favorite route home from work. In 2012, I wrote an article called There’s A Spy In Your Phone in which I proposed that a theoretical mobile app can be loaded onto your phone without your knowledge that can take pictures of your surrounding area and over time collect them into a collage to get a 3D…

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Finally, Remote Control Door Locks Are Here!

After a year and a half of delays because of R&D and funding issues, two companies are finally coming out on top with delivering the next generation of remote and smartphone controlled door bolt locks for homes and businesses. Now you can open up your front or back door for visitors when your across the city or half way around the world or send a temporary open key to someone’s phone for only a particular day and a Share List

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