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Parked Car 24 Hour Security Cameras Questions and Answers

Car and truck surveillance cameras are the best things to happen to vehicle security since the car alarm. Now there is a vehicle camera system that can record when your engine is off and parked for several days as well as provide you with a wide forward and back view or 360-degree video coverage in the vehicle’s immediate surroundings. The camera system can also allow you to view your cameras directly on your mobile phone wirelessly so you can immediately download video after an incident. Over the years, we have…

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The Best And Most Affordable Security Cameras for Cars

Security cameras for cars and trucks should record video 24 hours every day even when the vehicle’s engine is turned off. They also need to be small and hidden and unlike the OmniVue 360 camera system, they need to be affordable and reliable. For 15 years, I was more than happy to install security cameras for homes, businesses and local facilities and I had always turned down requests to install security cameras in cars and trucks. The reason being is that there were 5 big problems with security cameras in cars that needed to be solved.…

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