Wire Free Smart Security Camera with 2-Way Audio and Amazon Alexa Features with No Monthly Fees!

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Finally, A smart security camera that is wire-free and worry-free.

Imagine installing a 2-way audio communication security camera within minutes without the high cost of a professional installation. Now imagine connecting the camera to your smartphone and Amazon Alexa TV and Show devices just by taking a picture of the security camera and adding your own unique username and password to it to make sure no one else can connect to it without your permission.  That’s how easy it is to “install” and connect to this surveillance camera. The camera installs in minutes with no cables needed which makes it an affordable and reliable security camera for your home or apartment.

Most surveillance cameras have great motion detection software built into them but they can be a little too sensitive and cause multiple alerts either through their mobile phone app or if you have an older security camera system, email. No one wants 90 emails in one day because their surveillance camera detected motion from a swaying tree in their backyard. With True Detect™, heat from people & cars triggers push notifications & video recording via the unique PIR sensor embedded in the camera. This eliminates more than 98 percent of false alarms, allowing you to respond to what really matters instead of ignoring alerts because of the “cry wolf” effect. Furthermore, You’ll be able to see in the dark and capture facial features, license plates with the built-in HDR chip that can adjust the backlighting to foreground video and the cameras ability to see in total darkness up to 32ft or 10 meters.

Let the cameras be your extra eyes outside without limitation to the location you prefer to cover due to the fact that wiring is not needed to operate and communicate. Stay protected day in, day out, through snow, rain or shine.

Local & Cloud Storage with no monthly fees!

Set and forget with SmartRecord™ to save video clips to local memory (for 7 days) and secure cloud (for 2 days) with no monthly fees! You do have the ability to expand that to 30 days cloud recording if needed. Best of all, if your internet or power goes down, recording continues and is backed up to the cloud later. This doubles the security of having a wireless camera. with onboard recording that uploads to the cloud later, you can be assured that your video is backed up and protected in any situation.

Peace of Mind From Every Angle

Connects Wirelessly
Unlike wired cameras, you can connect in minutes to your existing Wi-Fi network, with no need for a hub, base station or DVR
See More in Full HD
See faces, license plates & more with a powerful crystal clear 1080p HD video capture & wide 120° viewing angle day & night
You can mount the camera indoors but it is rugged enough to mount it outdoors as it’s built tough to withstand sunshine, rain, snow & dust.
Easily Rechargeable
Easily recharge with the supplied USB cable and your smartphone’s charging wall plug or a computer. You can also purchase the small solar panel for 100% full-time charge with less than a 2-hour charge from the sun every other day. Even continuous cloudy days can offer enough light from the sun to give the cameras a full charge
Long Battery Life
The camera conserves energy when not in use & its battery only needs recharging every 3-4 weeks*
Heat Sensing
Swann’s True Detect heat + motion detection reliably records activity & alerts you
Free Local Storage
With other wire-free security cameras, you have to purchase an extra SD memory card to save video but with Swann, you can save up to 7 days which amounts to hundreds of 10-60 second video clips to the camera’s built-in back-up memory
Secure Cloud Storage
Enjoy 2 days of free storage to secure cloud and 7 days internal storage, with the ability to expand to 30+ days
Alerts & Playback
Receive push notifications if any activity is detected & playback video clips with 1-way or 2-way communication audio, all on your smartphone
Speak to See
Use voice commands with any Amazon Alexa device that has a screen to see live video from the camera

Speak to See

Enjoy hands-free security using voice commands to stream video from your camera via Alexa to Amazon devices with a screen, such as Echo Spot, Echo Show or 4K Fire TV

Security in the Palm of your Hands

  • See live footage from multiple cameras, wherever you are
  • Receive push notifications when activity is detected
  • Capture, playback & share video & still recordings on your mobile device


1 review for Wire Free Smart Security Camera with 2-Way Audio and Amazon Alexa Features with No Monthly Fees!

  1. Wesly Rakotomalala

    OK, I don’t want to oversell this review because I have a wood frame house and I’m sure most people want a review from someone who has a brick house that will block more of the wifi signal. With that said, I do find that the cameras connect to my router without a problem and my furthest camera is about 300 feet from the router. The lag in the video preview on my phone was about the same as my older wired cameras I got in 2014. I have one Alexa Spot which I have by my side of the bed and I can ask alexa to show me the enclosed back porch. It takes about 5 seconds for the picture to show which seems like an eternity while you’re waiting for a view. On the phone it’s about 3-4 seconds depending if I’m home or away but once I’m connected, I can talk with the person in front of the camera with only a second to 2 second delay. Again, that depends where it’s at. Here’s a suggestion to Homerestored, put in more information about accessories like the solar panel and multiple camera purchase discounts. It took me awhile to decide to make a purchase because I didn’t see anything about those things until I hit the “Buy Product” button which then gave me more choices. Also, I would have like to have seen real product use videos instead of company videos with perfect setups. The camera works as described but seeing it work in real world conditions is a better for everyone.

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Smart Security Camera with Audio

Video Resolution
1080p Full HD
Viewing Angle
120° Wide Angle
Motion Sensitivity
True Detect™ Thermal / Heat-Sensing PIR
PIR Distance
Up to 25ft / 8m
Night Vision
Night Vision Distance
Up to 32ft / 10m
Internal & Secure Cloud
Power Source
Rechargeable 6000mAh Lithium Battery
Battery Recharging
Via Micro USB Cable (included)
Audio Microphone
Audio Range
Up to 16ft / 5m
Dimensions (WxDxH)
2.3″ x 2.4″ x 3.4″
58mm x 61mm x 87mm
Operating Temperature
14°F to 113°F
-10°C to 45°C✝
Indoor / Outdoor
Indoor & Outdoor (weatherproof IP65 rated)
Wi-Fi Frequency
2.4GHz & 5GHz
(wireless range up to 65ft/20m*)
App (iOS & Android)
SAFE by Swann
Swann Code