2 Security Camera System for Cars & Trucks (Park & Drive Mode) With Built-In Wi-Fi For Mobile Phone Viewing and Playback

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Select Your Memory Card Size

This dual camera system comes with an embedded Heat Resistant 16G SD card which will give you 5 to 8 hours of motion recordings depending on how much motion the cameras detect while the heat resistant 128G SD card averages 2-3 days of surveillance video depending on the amount of motion that is detected in front of the cameras in Park Mode.

4K Version

The 4K and 1080p version has the same video viewing quality at first glance but the 4K front camera’s video can be zoomed in afterward for a sharper view of license plates, people and street signs from a greater distance when the cameras are placed in the forward and back position. The video example below only show video from the standard 1080p version.


3 Recording Modes, Driving – Event – Parked Mode

  • Automatic switching to and from Parking mode to Driving Mode. Sudden car impact activates the G-Sensor in Event mode.


HD iconHigh Definition with Smooth Video Play

  • Front Camera: Full HD (1920 x 1080P) 60fps
  • Rear Camera: HD (1920 x 1080P) 30fps



wifi orangeWireless Viewing App

  • Fine tune your BlackVue using your Android or iPhone smartphone.




MP4 compressionHigh HD Compression Technology

  • Record more high definition footage on the same capacity microSD card




Signal tower_clipped_rev_1High-Quality Coaxial Cable and Internal GPS

  • Coaxial cable for quick data transfer
  • Built-in GPS provides accurate speed and location data which can be accessed via the vehicle camera’s viewer and Cloud viewer



Sensor iconSONY CMOS Sensor, 2.4 Megapixel Lens

  • Clear video with SONY sensor and megapixel lens both during daytime and night-time





Car SensorBuilt-In WI-FI 2CH Video

  • Check the front and rear videos via the built-in WI-FI over your mobile phone






Lens iconWide Angle Lens Without FishEye View

  • Record more accurate and wide clear video of an accident





Over the Cloud Video Viewing

  • Pair your cloud-enabled DR750S-2CH to your vehicle’s or external Internet hotspot and take advantage of its impressive features to stay connected to your vehicles cameras from anywhere in the world.
  • Free Hotspot device with Free Data is provided by our partnering vendor when you make your order!



This 2 camera system records high-definition video and sound from 2 opposite directions from inside your car or truck when you’re driving or while it’s parked unattended. The DR750S-2ch  security cameras records in 1080p, 2.1 Megapixel high resolution with a built-in pro-active DVR that records both audio and video. Complete coverage of the front and back of your car or truck with extra wide camera views at 139 to 159-degree range depending on your car or truck window height. Most security camera systems for cars and trucks only capture video when your vehicle is on. This is the only dash cam series that will record video while your vehicle’s engine is turned off and parked overnight. At 2. 4 Megapixels, each camera will be able to read license plates and see faces of people near and at a distance from your vehicle. The lens can also rotate inward to view what is going on inside the cab of your car or truck so you can capture not only what’s happening outside of your vehicle but inside as well with sound. We include  Power Magic Pro unit ensures your vehicle’s battery does not drain beyond the power it needs to start the ignition. This is another important feature other in-car camera systems don’t offer. Power Magic’s sensors will automatically shut down the cameras temporarily if your vehicle’s battery power is below a certain threshold in stored power. Ensuring that you are not left stranded because of a power drain.

BlackVue-Camera System with Power Magic ProThe DR750S is the most installed security camera system for cars and trucks in the U.S. and abroad because of its durability and high resolution. Your front camera has a 36o MXL microphone built-in, giving you 360 degrees of high definition surround sound pick up. These features are crucial in identifying incidents as well as individuals who may be involved. No other system has 2 HD cameras that can see directly out of the cab windows or rotated to view through your cab interior to the outside of your vehicle to give you a more surround view. This is important to car and truck owners as well as Uber, Lyft and taxi drivers who need to see the faces of their passengers as well as record what is happening around their vehicle.

This camera system has also been used in sting operations, parking disputes and as an extra security camera that monitors one’s home from a driveway or parking area.

In case there is a vehicle accident, while parked or driving, the security camera’s G-Sensor will tag and map your location automatically and keep the video’s recording and Geo-tag of the car’s GPS location permanently on your SD card until you decide to erase that particular video file.

The best part about the DR750S-2CH is the fact that you can view video live or download videos directly to your mobile phone through the included app. You don’t have to take the unit out or plug anything into the cameras to view your videos. The system sends a Wi-Fi signal that your mobile phone will automatically connect to that allow you to view your security camera videos instantly and wirelessly. All of your motion activated recorded videos are broken up into 2 to 15-minute segments so you can quickly find the video file you are looking for.

This 2 camera system comes with a 16 gigabyte SD card hard drive that can be upgraded up to 128 gigabytes for days of recording depending on the amount of motion that happens to trigger video recording. The system is automatically set to record only when motion is detected so you will only record actual events saving recording space on the SD hard drive.

The recorded video is automatically formatted as an MP4 file which is the universal file format to upload and view on any computer, mobile phone or tablet using YouTube or just about any video viewing software you may have on your device.

DR750S-HD & REAR VIEW CAMERA (2CH), 16GB SD Card included

•2.4 megapixel CMOS sensor, super-wide angle of view, Built-in microphone, High-Capacity Memory Card Support (up to 128GB)
•Various Recording Modes, Motion Detection in Parking Mode Recording, 360 rotation cylinder in a sleek design, Full HD label
•Universal File Format: MP4, Video Playback on various devices, App and Software (for PC), MyWay Viewer
•Built-in GPS and G-sensor, Internal Emergency battery, Voice Guide, 3-color LEDs, Video out, Resolved Heat Issue



Professional Installation Available?

ProfessionalProfessional installations are available in most areas. DIY videos are also available online if you decide to install the cameras yourself. Technical support is just a phone call away and available to answer all of your questions about installation or tech support.  If we’re not available, we will normally respond within 2 hours with a phone call between 8 am to 6 pm Eastern standard time.
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BlackVue DR750S-2CH
Resolution Front: Full HD 1080P @ 60 FPS

Rear: HD 1080P @ 30 FPS

GPS Built-In
Parking Mode (CCTV Mode) Built-In
G-Sensor Built-In
Wide Angle View Front: 140°

Rear: 140°

Operating Temperature -20 ~ 60 °C
Loop Recording Yes
Maximum SD Card 128GB
Wi-Fi Built-In
Microphone Built-In
Speaker Built-In
File Format H.264
Country of Origin Korea Republic
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


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