6 Channel Security Camera System Hard-Wired With IP Face Recognition Camera & 3 Smart Security Cameras at 5 Megapixel, All with Individual Audio, 3-Year Warranty and Lifetime Tech Support

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If you’re upgrading or adding new security cameras for the first time, this system has the camera resolution and features that our customers have been asking us for a long time. A leading Face Recognition camera with multiple features, superior night vision, mobile control, home automation features and incredible resolution during the day and night. Upgrade your regular analog security cameras to a Color at night view 5-megapixel HD-TVI security camera system that can use the same coaxial cable (that looks like cable TV wiring) that was installed with your present security camera system. Works with other existing HD-TVI, HD-CVI and AHD cameras as well as having the option to add another HD-TVI and IP security camera. See 2 to 5 times more resolution than what you presently have now. You can also add our High Definition 180-degree video doorbell that works seamlessly with this HD-TVI 4K & 1080p output camera system.


The lead IP Camera and encoder is an intelligent video analytics module for real-time alerts in case of loitering in monitored areas. With its zone concept, it allows an exact recognition of suspicious movements.

Object Removal

Know when an object is removed from an area. Ladders, personal items and equipment can go missing in a flash. You need to know immediately when someone steals or remove an object without permission the very moment it happens. A regular security camera system may record the incident but no one would know if it was an item removed or someone just walking by until it’s too late.

Face Recognition

Add photos or current video of the person you want to track for your white list or black list within the system. Get notifications when someone on the Blacklist enters a certain area. Through IFTTT, you can have doors lock or alarms triggered if a Blacklisted person is spotted by the system. Also, Whitelisted individuals can be counted for attendance. Management or the camera system user can be notified when someone on the Whitelist enters a certain area.

Intrusion Detection

Get a notification when someone parks in a restricted area or when a person, animal or vehicle enters an area it just doesn’t belong. Set threshold and the times of restriction and know when someone ignores the rules.

Line Crossing

Set lines within an area and know when someone enters an area or cross a threshold during restricted or low foot traffic times. You can set A and B points to only monitor when someone crosses a line into a certain area but not out or vice versa. This is perfect for notifications of deliveries and visits but allow someone to leave an office or home without setting off notifications.

Audio Detection

Loud unexpected sounds should trigger a recording event. You can choose to be notified of unexpected loud sounds or have the security camera system record and stamp the audio event in memory for later investigation and playback.

Add An Optional 2-Way Audio Video Doorbells

Add one or two video doorbells to your camera system that can record independently or along with the smart security camera system. Unlike other Video Doorbell Cameras, There are no monthly fees required to get the full benefit of using the 2-way audio function or record video of the interactions and conversation from our video doorbell.

The included hybrid 4K output DVR works with specialty wired and wireless IP cameras with 2-way audio. Our video doorbell is specially made to be compatible and work seamlessly with this 4K HD-TVI security camera system. The video doorbell connects to your existing doorbell wiring and has a 180-degree video view. Get twice the video resolution than the pro versions of Ring or Skybell video doorbells for less money. Also, unlike the Ring and Skybell doorbells, No Monthly fee is required to operate. This video doorbell camera system can record video directly to your DVR or you can add a 128G SD card to record onto the video doorbell’s memory independently.


2-Way Audio with 4 Mini Microphones

You can connect an amplified PA speaker to one of the 5-megapixel cameras that you can control from the included mobile or computer app to communicate with anyone at whatever distance you need. The system also comes with 4 mini microphones to pick up audio from each security camera. Place the mini microphones close to the security cameras or center it in an open area for surround sound pick up. [Add an audio amplifier and PA speaker to use the 2-way feature with the volume you need]

Add An Intercom Door System To Your 4K-1080p Security Camera System

Our 4K-1080p security camera system can integrate with an intercom door answering system complete with door buzzer access directly from an apartment video monitor station or the occupant’s mobile phone remotely from anywhere.

Your Order Includes:

(1) 4K & 1080p Output HD-TVI DVR with power supply. 2 HDMI outputs, 4K and 1080p HDMI and one computer monitor output.

(1) Terabyte Hard Drive for up to 2 weeks of surveillance video recording

(3) 5 Megapixel HD-TVI Dome Cameras with Starlight Color Night View with very little ambient light and a wide view 2.8mm Lens, 2.0 Infrared emitters allow 100 feet of illumination in total darkness

(1) Lead IP Camera for Face Recognition

(4) Mini Microphones that connects audio to all of the security cameras

(1) 4 channel power supply for  the HD-TVI security cameras

(1) Power supply for the IP Camera

Viewing monitor is not included in this package.


Professional Installation Available?

ProfessionalProfessional installations are available in most areas. DIY videos are also available online if you decide to install the cameras yourself. Technical support is just a phone call away and available to answer all of your questions about installation or tech support.  If we’re not available, we will normally respond within 2 hours with a phone call between 8 am to 6 pm Eastern standard time.
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5 reviews for 6 Channel Security Camera System Hard-Wired With IP Face Recognition Camera & 3 Smart Security Cameras at 5 Megapixel, All with Individual Audio, 3-Year Warranty and Lifetime Tech Support

  1. Ken Stampfel

    Ok, I was talked into upgrading my cameras when the system went down after Hurricane Irma caused water to get in from the roof and destroy my setup. With my insurance check I bought this new system and Holy S*&t – Its a big difference. I didn’t know how much I couldn’t see. I can read license plates in my driveway and can tell what color are the cars at night with just my little light pole in the yard. The other system would just turn black and white on the screen at sundown but now I get a lot more to view. I added the video doorbell and now that I’m able to talk to people from the same app as my cameras at my front door – I’m siked!

  2. Pablo Grissini

    night time color is a game changer for me. This is what I was looking for. Streetlight is not enough to give you color at night with regular cameras. These were the ones we were looking for. My only caveat is the fact that it does not show color in complete darkness. I thought that is what this can do. I put up two solar lights in the front and the back and now I have color on the cameras in the middle of the night. So If you have at least a little light outside – you’ll see color. In very dark areas – you’ll see black and white. I will say even in black and white – it’s sharper than my previous cameras were when it came to viewing in our dark gangway.

  3. Jorge Crespo

    I’m impressed with the night vision. are other cameras only showed maybe 12 feet in front of the camera at night, beyond that, it was super dark. The new cameras pick up moonlight which is awesome but spooky on the screen. I didn’t know how much wildlife we had crossing our yard at night!

  4. Bessy Dietrich

    ooh – it can see car license and faces but I need help with face detection. can someone contact me? I call the main number twice today with no response.

  5. Justine Pollack

    I bought it when they added sound and bam! It blows away that crappy camera system I had earlier. I also had Kevin connect the 2 way audio on camera one to the speaker I had installed at the front of the house. Now I boom my voice across the lawn to let my neighbors know to pick up their dogs shit in my yard while I’m at work. The look on their face – Priceless!

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