24 Hour Single-Lens Security Camera For Cars & Trucks (Park or Drive Mode) with GPS & Wi-Fi For Mobile Phone Viewing and Playback

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Select Your Memory Card Size

This camera system comes with an embedded Heat Resistant 16G SD card which will give you 9 to 15 hours of motion recordings depending on how much motion the cameras detect while the heat resistant 128G SD card will normally give you 4-5 days of surveillance video depending on motion detected.

Optional Cloud Viewing

Expand your viewing capacity beyond 30 meters. With Cloud Viewing you can view your cameras remotely from anywhere with instant notification when your vehicle is vandalized. Without Cloud Viewing, you can still view, playback and download video from your vehicle cameras on your mobile phone but only within 90 feet.


Most surveillance cameras fall short on delivering everything a vehicle owner needs in a camera for their car or truck. The most important thing a security camera would need above all is video clarity. 1080p gives you a very wide angle view and at 2.4 Megapixel, it also gives you the best resolution out of that 1080p wide view but that wouldn’t be enough to handle the other features that everyone has asked us for in a vehicle camera.

The newly released (Fall 2017) and voted the best single-lens dash cam yet! The DR750S-1CH (one channel, rotating in and outward lens) is the next evolution of the rock-solid so-called “Dash Cams.”

Superior audio, video and GPS speed and positioning logging would easily justify the price of this camera but this camera goes above and beyond with Wi-Fi and cloud connection from literally anywhere you have service for your smartphone), and also is discreet and beautifully designed and well-constructed. There’s simply nothing else like the BV-DR750S dashcams available on the market today, period. While other brands try to play catch up, private security firms, Uber and Lyft drivers know that this security camera continually raises the bar!

We’ve talked to security firms, Uber and Lyft drivers and they’ve shared with us what they considered the most important features they need in a surveillance system for their cars and trucks:

  • Being able to record security video while the car or truck is parked with the engine off
  • Rotate the camera lens either to see the road or view the inside of the car or truck
  • View the camera view from their mobile phone at anytime
  • Day and night video recording
  • Superior audio quality
  • Broadcast quality video resolution

The camera still uses the incredible 2.4MP Sony Exmor CMOS image sensor, although the video bitrate has been increased to pack even more quality into the videos. The 1080p video captured by the Sony image sensor is crisp and detailed, and the video is smartly compressed in the MP4 format for manageable file sizes and easy uploads. The 140° wide angle lens (140° horizontal, 77° vertical) captures everything in front of your vehicle without missing a single detail.

Of course, one of our favorite things about the BlackVue dashcams remains their incredible design: BlackVue has made their dashcams as small and stealthy as possible. We love showing our customers how these cameras easily tuck up and out of the way, usually being mounted on the front windshield in front of the rearview mirror. This way, the dashcam does not obstruct the view of the driver, and looks like a factory-installed accessory in just about any vehicle! You can quickly see how these cameras do not attract unwanted attention from thieves who may be looking for valuables left out in the open in your vehicle.

You may be worried about the lack of a screen on the BV-DR750S-1CH, but this camera offers voice alerts for the driver to let you know that the dashcam is recording in Drive or Park Mode. You can disable these voice announcements later once you get used to the operation of the DR750S dash cam. Also, BlackVue provides LED status lights to convey the necessary mode information to the driver, on the side and back of the DR750S-1CH. Once I had my system over some weeks I turned off the status lights so the camera will stay in stealth mode during the night and day. Furthermore, you can download BlackVue’s official app for your iPhone or Android phone to connect to the 750S wirelessly, and then view or change configuration settings, stream live from the dashcam, and download the videos effortlessly! Once you’ve copied a video to your device, the BlackVue app even allows for direct upload to YouTube, for near-instant sharing of that important event captured on video.

We do need to tell you a little bit more about the BlackVue-Over-the-Cloud features and functionality. In essence, as long as you have a WiFi hotspot signal available in your vehicle (it can be built-in such as GM’s OnStar 4G/LTE, or via a mobile hotspot device from Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc), you will have remote access to your dashcam! Peek at the live view from the camera, see where your vehicle is or how fast it may be going, receive notifications of movement or motion, and more.

The DR750S-1CH includes either a factory-installed 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB memory card. You may choose the BlackVue microSD memory card size above. The memory card is provided by BlackVue and is already installed inside the DR750S, ready to go! We are unable to sell the DR750S-1CH without a memory card, as they are pre-installed by BlackVue.

Note: While the memory cards are removable and the card slot will accept other brands of microSD memory cards, we strongly suggest the use of ONLY BlackVue memory cards in the BlackVue dashcams. The BlackVue OEM memory cards are industrial-grade and are designed to withstand the extreme high and low temperatures of being inside of hot and cold vehicles day in and day out, and they are also designed to cope with the constant read/write cycles of a high-quality dashcam, without fail. We’re unable to offer support when non-BlackVue memory cards are used. To ensure your dashcam is always recording, stick with the most reliable memory cards on the market today!

The DR750S-1CH will constantly record your surroundings in front of the vehicle while driving; just plug the DR750S into the cigarette lighter power plug and it will record for you automatically and seamlessly or you can have the included Magic Pro unit professionally installed for 24 hour recording in Park mode: when the vehicle is stationary, the BV-DR750S dashcam is smart enough to “watch” all the time, but only start actually recording to the memory card when the built-in G-sensors detect any haphazard activity (a gentle bump to the vehicle for example), or if motion is detected in front of the lens (someone prowling around the car), therefore preventing you from having to sort through a memory card full of unnecessary recordings.

For parking mode, the included Power Magic Pro unit which quickly integrates with your car’s fuse box and will supply constant power to the 750 while also ensuring that your car battery does not drop too low.

3 Recording Modes, Driving – Event – Parked Mode

  • G-Sensor is activated in Event mode, automatic switching to and from Parking mode


HD icon1080p Definition with Smooth Video Play

  • Camera: Full HD (1920x1080p) 60fps



wifi orangeWireless Viewing App

  • Fine tune your BV-DR750S using your Android or iPhone smartphone or tablet




MP4 compressionHigh HD Compression Technology

  • Record more high definition footage on the same capacity microSD card




Signal tower_clipped_rev_1High-Quality Coaxial Cable and Optional GPS

  • Coaxial cable for quick data transfer
  • Optional GPS provides accurate speed and location data which can be accessed via the Blackvue Viewer and Blackvue Cloud viewer



Sensor iconSONY CMOS Sensor

  • Clear video with SONY sensor and megapixel lens both during daytime and night-time




Lens icon140° Wide Angle Lens

  • Record more accurate and wide clear video of an accident



Capturing license plate and face of a curious person admiring the car


Being swiped by another parking car. The front camera recorded the license plate and person driving.



BV-DR750-HD CAMERA(1CH), 16GB SD Card included

•1080p CMOS sensor, 129-degree angle of view, Built-in microphone, High-Capacity Memory Card Support (up to 128GB)
•Various Recording Modes, Motion Detection in Parking Mode Recording, 360 rotation cylinder in a sleek design, Full HD label
•Universal File Format: MP4, Video Playback on various devices, BlackVue App and Software(for PC), MyWay Viewer
•Optional and G-sensor, Internal Emergency battery, Voice Guide, 3-color LEDs, Video out, Resolved Heat Issue


Professional Installation Available?

ProfessionalProfessional installations are available in most areas. DIY videos are also available online if you decide to install the cameras yourself. Technical support is just a phone call away and available to answer all of your questions about installation or tech support.  If we’re not available, we will normally respond within 2 hours with a phone call between 8 am to 6 pm Eastern standard time.
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Full Feature List

  • Maximum Video Resolution: 1980x1080p 60 FPS
  • Wi-Fi and Cloud viewing
  • Optional Cloud recording
  • 140-degree viewing angle
  • Video file format: .MP4
  • Video codec: H.264
  • GPS logging
  • Motion Detection
  • G-Sensor
  • Low-light functionality
  • Loop Recording
  • Adjustable Exposure
  • Audio Recording
  • Date Stamp
  • Auto Power-Off
  • English
  • NTSC/PAL Adjustable
  • Day/Night Mode
  • Delayed Shutdown
  • Certification: KC, FCC, CE, TELEC, RoHS, WEEE
  • Interfaces: power
  • Memory Card Type: Micro SD up to 128gb
  • Includes Playback Software: Yes (Windows and Mac)


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