Pro Hybrid 16 Channel HD-TVI Multi-Stream DVR with 1080p View & 3TB HDD

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HD-TVI-1.3MPIntroducing the Platinum series Pro Multi-Stream system with HD-TVI, Analog and IP camera inputs. HD-TVI rivals HD-SDI and HD-CVI with better transmission rates up to 2.1 Megapixel. Our DVR can also handle any analog security camera and up to 2.1 megapixel HD-TVI security cameras as well as up to 5 Megapixels of IP digital cameras. Use any combination of cameras to suit your budget.

Wide view 1080p viewing at 15 fps per camera. Use any BNC input to connect your HD-TVI or analog security cameras and your multi-stream DVR will automatically detect the video stream. IP cameras can easily be added by using remote access or through a router/switch.

This Pro series HD-TVI DVR has fixed the problems installers and customers had with HD-SDI that needed short run coaxle cable and could not handle Cat 5 cable runs for their security cameras and HD-CVI systems that gave poor performance with Cat 5. HD-TVI allows a more fluent video code transmission through coaxle and Cat 5e wiring ensuring that whatever your present video cable options you will be able to receive an uninterrupted video connection. As an added bonus, the multiple audio inputs can handle 2 way communication as well as being equipped with a high definition HDMI and VGA video output.

Multiple remote viewing options has been expanded to include selected Smart TV viewing along with mobile phone and tablet live view and playback.

We offer LTS HD-TVI security cameras because of their ironclad 3 Year warranty and low cost High Definition. Their security camera systems also allow us to offer the lowest installation prices because of the ease of installation. All of our installers are individually insured and licensed.


Price Guarantee!

We guarantee that no one will beat the price of our security camera bundle. We purchase large quantities of high quality security cameras and DVRs and our specific bundle pricing is even lower than our vendor’s offer to their customers. If you find a new HD-TVI bundle with the same security cameras, DVR and features at a lower price within a month of your purchase, we will immediately refund the difference.




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4 reviews for Pro Hybrid 16 Channel HD-TVI Multi-Stream DVR with 1080p View & 3TB HDD

  1. Hud Ledbetter

    My only problem is the price. I could have gotten it for less money but I didn’t see the make an offer button until after I bought it. no price break after you buy it. anyway it works good with my wireless motion camera

  2. David Hua

    I kept most of my security cameras so since they covered the spots I needed pretty well but I wanted to add some long views with better cameras. I ordered three 2.1 cameras and one 1.3 and it blows away the cameras on the system I have now. I’m just grateful that I didn’t have to change the whole camera system to get those views that I needed badly. my only concern is that the bnc connecters in the back of the dvr was a little close. It was a challenge geeting the camera connections close to one another but we managed.

  3. kristin

    Hooked up 4 of my old security cameras bought 3 hdtvi cameras and 2 of the 2.1 ip cameras wirelessly. working smoothly so far. plugs are a little tight for camera connections but workable.

  4. Nora McDaniels

    Audio input is great along with the video but the audio does not work independently without the dvr online. It records worth sound and i can play sounds live and during playback on my iPhone and iPad but I connected my speaker system to the dvr and I can only hear it when I’m controlling it with my phone. It doesn’t play independently without a mobile controller listening to it From the app. This is not a deal breaker since the camera system works much better than my old dvr and allow me to add my IP cameras which actually gives me 18 cameras. I connected my older cameras and changed out 2 of them with Hd cameras. Now I have the long view that I was missing.

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