Heat Resistant 128G SD Mini Memory Card Upgrade for your Park & Drive Wi-Fi Vehicle Security Camera System

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Your 2 channel vehicle security camera system comes with an OEM class 10 16GB Micro SD card which works reliably and lasts a long time but it’s pretty common to want a larger capacity card to store more footage and have a lower risk of important footage getting overwritten. Higher capacity cards are particularly important when it comes to parking mode as that In-Vehicle camera system could potentially be running all day rather than the hour or two a day most people are driving. For example, if you are parked at work for 8.5 hours and the motion detection on the camera system is triggered for 5 of those hours, a 10Mbps dual camera dash cam would only allow for about 2 to 4 hours of recording so it’s likely that what happened when you first got to work has already been overwritten by the time you get off work. For that reason, we recommend upgrading to a 128GB card which would give about 14 to 24 hours of recording on a high definition dual camera vehicle system.

SD Card Bad

The only difference is Read /Write speed and we find the faster the card the more macro blocking and pixilation occurs.

Most of these cards perform well in the Blackvue camera but others can cause issues with the quality of the footage. It is so important to get the correct 128GB micro SD to optimize the performance of your Blackvue DR750S-2CH In-Vehicle Security Cameras.

Our conclusions are that superfast cards like the SanDisk 128GB SanDisk Extreme Plus 80MB/s and Samsung 128GB Pro 80MB/s need to be avoided, these cards are simply just too fast and are the worst offenders for macro blocking or pixilation on Blackvue Cameras.

These superfast cards also tend to make your Blackvue dual camera system overheat more as well, although the Blackvue Camera can cope with operating temperatures of up to 140º F (60º C). Despite the Blackvue Dashcams operating temperature being high, in a hot summer it could be an issue in many countries.

Both the SanDisk 128GB Ultra and Samsung 128GB EVO which are the next series down also overheat the Blackvue more than other brands we tested.[tsp-featured-posts]

1 review for Heat Resistant 128G SD Mini Memory Card Upgrade for your Park & Drive Wi-Fi Vehicle Security Camera System

  1. Mica Roohparvar

    I wished I had known about this before I put in my own sd card I had. It was a samsung and it worked great in my tablet but after a few days in my car cameras it made my recordings look green and weird pixels started to show. You can even feel that the camera was running hotter than usual and it finally gave out in the florida sun. Thankfully my car cameras were ok. tech support told me if it was in there any longer it could have damaged the main camera where the sd card go and it would have been an out of warranty situation. Now that I have the new sd card in it has been working perfectly. The recorded videos are back to normal and the front camera doesn’t seem to be as hot as before with my samsung sd card in it.

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