HD Security Camera Baluns (Pair)

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High Definition Analog cameras like HD-TVI and HD-CVI need high definition security camera baluns. When used with cat5 or cat6 cable regular video baluns do not have enough rare earth magnet density to stabilize an HD digital carrier signal from these types of cameras. If your using network cable to install your HD-TVI or HD-CVI cameras and you are experiencing flicker and signal loss then you need to upgrade your connections to HD Baluns.




2 reviews for HD Security Camera Baluns (Pair)

  1. Aaron Nimms

    This is so much easier to use then the screw down wire baluns I’ve been using. When it comes to installation, time is money and this saves me and my installers a lot of time as well as holding the wire in place without worrying about the wires pulling out.

  2. Cory Hillsong

    Ok, they were right these where the baluns i needed. the other cheap ones only worked on the cameras that were a short run but on the long runs they would go in and out. Now I replaced all of them with these and they have been fine ever since

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