6 Channel Security Camera System Hard-Wired with 4 Smart Security Cameras at 5 Megapixel, Surround Audio & Free Image Cloud Storage, 3-Year Warranty and Lifetime Tech Support Included

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Forget Motion Detection, You need Human Behavior Detection

Our smart security camera systems are not fooled by mere motion. While it’s recording motion constantly, it’s also monitoring areas to detect suspicious human behavior within a security camera’s view. It also knows if that behavior warrants notifying you or a manager of your property if it detects human behavior that could cause a problem.

Other security camera systems are easily fooled by insects crawling in front of the security camera lens or stormy weather and blowing leaves with tree movement. Our security cameras ignore these distractions and only concentrate on what matters, traffic and behavior of people, vehicles, and animals.

Our 4K security camera recorder (DVR), has almost 4 times the video resolution of any 1080p camera system. Even if you’re upgrading or adding new security cameras for the first time, this system has the camera resolution and features that our customers have been asking for a long time. Superior night vision, mobile control, home automation features and incredible resolution during the day and night.  See 2 to 5 times more resolution than what you presently have now.

(4) Human Behavior Detectors


Object Removal

Know when an object is removed from an area. Ladders, personal items and equipment can go missing in a flash. You need to know immediately when someone steals or remove an object without permission the very moment it happens. A regular security camera system may record the incident but no one would know if it was an item removed or someone just walking by until it’s too late.

Intrusion Detection

Get a notification when someone parks in a restricted area or when a person, animal or vehicle enters an area it just doesn’t belong. Set threshold and the times of restriction and know when someone ignores the rules.

Line Crossing

Set lines within an area and know when someone enters an area or cross a threshold during restricted or low foot traffic times. You can set A and B points to only monitor when someone crosses a line inward but not out. This is perfect for notifications of deliveries and visits but allow someone to leave an office or home without setting off notifications.

Audio Detection

Loud unexpected sounds should trigger a recording event. You can choose to be notified of unexpected loud sounds or have the security camera system record and stamp the audio event in memory for later investigation and playback.

Add An Optional 2-Way Audio Video Doorbells

Add one or two video doorbells to your camera system that can record independently or along with the smart security camera system. Unlike other Video Doorbell Cameras, There are no monthly fees required to get the full benefit of using the 2-way audio function or record video of the interactions and conversation from our video doorbell.

 Multiple Live and Playback Modes

As with other security camera systems on the market, you can view your security cameras live on your smartphone, tablet or computer but with our affordable smart camera system, several viewers can view the same cameras live remotely if the need arises. Incredibly, several online viewers can view, playback and download security videos and images remotely from any phone or tablet. Multiple usernames and passwords can be assigned to watch just a few or all of the cameras depending on the level of access given to a viewer.


Your Order Includes:

(1) 4.0 HD-TVI DVR with 4 HD-TVI BNC inputs, 2 HDMI outputs, 4K, 1080p HDMI, Computer output. Accepts 2 IP connection via router or modem

(1) Terabyte Hard Drive for up to a month of surveillance video recording

(4) 5 Megapixel HD-TVI Dome Cameras with Starlight Color Night View with very little ambient light and a wide view 2.8mm Lens, 2.0 Infrared emitters allow 100 feet of illumination in total darkness

(4) Mini Microphones that connect to the 5 Megapixel HD-TVI cameras

(8) HD Baluns to connect the HD-TVI cameras and microphones to Cat5 or Cat6 cables

(1) 4 channel power supply for security cameras

Viewing monitor and surveillance camera cable are sold separately.


Professional Installation Available?

ProfessionalProfessional installations are available in most areas. DIY videos are also available online if you decide to install the cameras yourself. Technical support is just a phone call away and available to answer all of your questions about installation or tech support.  If we’re not available, we will normally respond within 2 hours with a phone call between 8 am to 6 pm Eastern standard time.
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Pay nothing now with 6 months to pay and no monthly payments. Follow the instructions at checkout for No Interest Billing during the final stages of your purchase above.


3 reviews for 6 Channel Security Camera System Hard-Wired with 4 Smart Security Cameras at 5 Megapixel, Surround Audio & Free Image Cloud Storage, 3-Year Warranty and Lifetime Tech Support Included

  1. Michelle Kessit

    I only see color at night when the lawn light turns on. It’s still better than the old cameras we had up because it was black and white even with the yard light on but I see you need at least a little light outside to see in color because it will show black and white picture as well. I love our by the woods with no Street light. It’s good that it’s more sensitive to dark but I thought it would be color even in pitch black. Advertising hype?!

  2. Thelma Veracruz

    Moonlight looks strangely bright on the new cameras. My old zmodo cameras only showed a spotlight with a weird green glow. these new cameras see so everything at once. I’m sort of freaked out because I didn’t know so much wildlife crossed my front yard at night!

  3. Carlo Vogenetti

    I accurately predicted that we were going to catch someone on the new system within a month and that’s what exactly happened. The last owner had crappy cameras that was hard to make a video copy for the police officers. Now we are able to download the video right to our phone and send a link without being there. So much easier, way better video, I can see 5 times more than I thought I can see and I can handle the video without being there which saves me time.

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