32 Channel IP Security Camera System with 24 Smart Matrix IR Security Cameras with 4 Megapixel Resolution Includes 16 Terabyte Hard Drive & 3 Year Warranty

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Includes 3 Year Warranty & Free Tech Support!

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Includes Warranty

& Free Tech Support!

Allow 2-4 business days for delivery. Free shipping within the U.S.  Your UPS tracking number will be emailed to you immediately when the shipping process has started.  You can schedule a professional installation or tech support by clicking on our tech support button here.

5 Megapixel Upgrade

Upgrade cameras to 5 Megapixel

360 ePTZ Upgrade

Add 3 ePTZ security cameras at 6 megapixels with 360-degree views. Each ePTZ security camera takes 4 channels each with audio.


Complete 4 Megapixel Camera System With 32 IP Security Cameras


4MP Indoor Camera ViewOur competitors are offering inferior security cameras that are not doing the job. High resolution security cameras need to be flexible as well as capture more than just a nice picture. You should get updates, warnings and information about your business you can’t see in front of you. This enterprise level 4 megapixel security camera system is designed to capture more than just video details it gives you a much larger picture. Know how your business is ran. See complete money transactions with figures live. Know when the first person shows up and the last person leaves. We offer more than just security cameras, we offer a surveillance systems that allows you to view your surroundings with more information other security camera systems can’t and don’t offer. Could you get a high definition security camera system for a little less? Yes you can, but you won’t get the level of sophisticated features like lifetime tech support, IR matrix night viewing, cash register integration, intrusion detection and more than triple the hard drive space for video recording other systems are just not offering along with a 3 year parts warranty to protect your security camera investment.


All of the cameras included in this bundle are built for harsh and diverse weather conditions as well as indoor use and is IP66 rated.

Up to 6 simultaneous mobile devices can view and zoom into details at the same time. The included free Android, iPhone and iPad apps allows complete control over each security camera with playback and save features directly to your mobile phone or tablet’s memory. You can also send mobile recorded video and pictures directly to other mobile phones or email accounts. This Enterprise bundle can also connect to Control4 Command Apps that control lights, temperature, garage doors with military level protocol and encryption.



Best Low Light and Night Vision Surveillance Cameras In The Market

IR Matrix for security cameras created a giant leap in low light video surveillance. Forget spotlight tunnel vision and experience a wide angle clear low light view indoor and outdoor. You may find IP security cameras for less but the reason why is because old IR diodes on most of today’s security cameras offer insufficient coverage to handle the view you need for complete low light surveillance. Also, regular diode infrared cameras will sometimes show a distorted and uneven exposure in the video view that their security camera infrared chip processors can’t process.

IR Matrix Example 2

IR Matrix Example 3



POS-CheckoutPOS Video Integration Included


Another feature that other security camera systems just don’t offer without charging extra is POS integration. Meticulously track your true sales and defeat Sweethearting. Your included HD-TVI can connect to your cash register terminal and show the text of what’s being purchased right onto the video of the closest security camera. Contact us to make sure your POS and security camera integration is setup properly to give you years of sales tracking and monitoring. The 32 camera system can integrate 8 POS terminal.


32 Channel NVR Expansion (1)




Intrusion Detection

LineCrossingAlong with the built-in counter, the included HD-TVI DVR also carries an intrusion detection feature. You can get real-time alerts on your mobile phone or tablet device that you can act on quickly when a particular area has been entered or tampered with. Set the tampering area as small or as large as you like. No additional equipment is necessary and the area of alarm can be changed remotely so you can make changes to your security detail immediately. Your level of security is enhanced with this feature.



Price Guarantee!

We guarantee that no one will beat the price of our security camera bundle. We purchase large quantities of high quality security cameras and DVRs and our specific bundle pricing is even lower than our vendor’s offer to their customers. If you find a new HD-TVI bundle with the same security cameras, DVR and features at a lower price within a month of your purchase, we will immediately refund the difference.




Have Questions?

Have one of our security camera experts answer your questions or request. We are here to answer all of your questions about installation or tech support. If you’ve already purchased one of our security camera systems and need help setting it up to view your cameras online or to help you view previously recorded video, we are here to help. We can quickly help you setup your password protection, mobile viewing or smartphone push alerts. Most questions are responded to in less than 2 hours between 8am to 6pm Eastern standard time.
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Pay nothing now with 6 months to pay and no monthly payments. Follow the instructions at checkout for No Interest Billing during the final stages of your purchase above.




Package Includes:


(1) 32 channel Platinum Series NVR with POS Integration and 16 built-in POE inputs

(1) Additional 16 Channel Gigabit POE security camera power/video distributor. Bringing the total POE distribution to 32 channels.

(24) 4 Megapixel IR Matrix 4mm Enterprise Bullet or Dome Style Platinum IP security cameras

(1) 16 Terabyte Combined Hard Drives (specially designed for high definition Security camera NVR & DVR devices) NVR unit upgrades to 64 Terabytes with Raid





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