2 Megapixel HD-TVI 1080p Security Camera With 3 Year Warranty

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3 Year Warranty with Free Tech Support!

Allow 3 business days for delivery. Your UPS tracking number will be emailed to you immediately when shipping process has started.  If needed, Schedule tech support by calling us at 800-590-4226.

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Includes Free Lifetime Tech Support!

Allow 3-5 business days for delivery. Free shipping within the U.S.  Your UPS tracking number will be emailed to you immediately when the shipping process has started.  You can schedule a professional installation or tech support by calling 800-590-4226 or by clicking on our tech support chat button here.


This 2-Megapixel HD-TVI security camera gives you both a wide range 1080p viewing capability as well as a well lit night view because of the unique infrared diode that emits up to 3 times more infrared light than most other traditional security cameras. View license plates down the driveway or street or view faces throughout your store or place of business. HD-TVI technology makes it easier to connect your new security camera to your old security camera wiring. HD-TVI can handle both coaxial and twisted pair wiring (Cat 5e) better than HD-CVI and much better than HD-SDI that can’t even handle twisted pair. Each camera comes with a 3.6mm lens for a wide view and a 3-year warranty so you know you are getting the sturdiest in high definition security. If you need a different lens view please let us know in the extra shipping request box or contact us to figure out your perfect lens size for your needs.

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5 reviews for 2 Megapixel HD-TVI 1080p Security Camera With 3 Year Warranty

  1. Kevin Chu

    Surprised that this camera can actually give me video I can zoom into very close. I kept most of my old security cameras because they have a close view and it would have been a waste to change them all but my outside cameras weren’t picking up the license plates and faces very well. now I have 4 of these outside so I can see when my clients trucks are being bumped or broken into and zoom in during playback to see who caused it.

  2. Petra Porizkova

    I was skeptical because everything has good stars and very little bad reviews but the camera I bought to upgrade from the regular hdtvi camera is a big change when I use the zoom on my cell phone. I also don’t have to use the clear button on the app. It always stays clear and in full motion.

  3. manawar Akbar

    I’ve upgraded 3 of my cameras at my Kwik Stop food mart to cover a wide view in the store and using two of the cameras to cover all of the gas pumps. I get such a better view and can zoom in to see license plates and faces. My pumps were rigged by someone to give out free gas. now I’m waiting for them to come back because now I can see everything they do close up.

  4. Apri Willis

    The improvement wasn’t double the 1.3mp camera I first ordered but I was able to see the car tags and faces seem clearer.

  5. Andrew Baulkham

    No flickering!! I was skeptical that this camera was any better than the 720 but it is so much better than the the cameras we have at work. I have 3 other hdtvi cameras at 720p and this camera with double resolution and at 1080p convinces me to pull some money together and change out the other ones.

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