Park Mode 12v Cigarette Lighter Battery Pack for Single and 2 Camera System for Cars and Trucks


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  • Battery Pack for Parking Mode
  • Charging Time 40 minutes hardwired/ 80 minutes cigarette lighter
  • 1-hour charge/24-hour operation
  • Capacity 3000mA/12.8V
  • Input 12V-17V Cigarette Lighter
  • Output 12V/1A, 2 USB

The outside shell has a black matte/flat finish. It is made out of thick plastic. No greasy fingerprints when touching the shell during install. The battery pack can be hidden under your front seats, can be mounted in the center console or even in your glove box. It’s small enough to be mounted almost anywhere in your vehicle. Size is 5″ X 4″ X 2″ and weighs 1lbs & 4 oz with the mounting bracket on. The mounting bracket is made out of thick, black plastic too. The mounting bracket has 4 holes if you would like to use screws to permanently mount it to your vehicle. You could use super strong adhesive tape to mount it as well. The design of the bracket makes it easy to unhook the battery pack if you need to remove it for whatever reason. It has 2 USB ports to also charge your USB devices like your mobile phone, tablet, Bluetooth speaker, etc. On the side, it has the DC in which is where you plug it into the cigarette lights to power/charge the unit. Right next to that is the outlet to plug in your vehicle cameras to receive power. On top of the battery pack is the LED lights indicators….one LED light is for the Power On light and the other four LED light indicates how much life is left on the batteries or at what % is the battery charging status is at. It has plenty of air vents on the sides to prevents overheating.[tsp-featured-posts]


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