1 Mile Wireless Connected HD Security Camera with Zoom & Tilt Control

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Great for construction sites, large parking lots, apartment and condo complexes, stadiums and large outdoor events. Transmit high definition surveillance video with PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom control) over a mile away with line of sight of the included receiver and DVR. Works with both our HD-TVI security camera DVR and IP NVRs that we offer. You can control the PTZ camera to view license plates, faces and small items across a field or on the other side of an outdoor event as if it were wired directly. Comes with a high definition IP-PTZ surveillance camera with zoom,pan & tilt features you can control from your mobile phone or tablet with our included mobile app as well as from your computer or laptop remotely. The package can be included with other security camera systems too that connects to ONVIF IP security cameras and can accept PTZ control. Wide PTZ view of construction siteLifetime tech support is included to help you or your installer/electrician to install and connect the wireless security camera system online and to your video recorder. We will be there every step of the way. All accessories are included to connect your system directly to just about any building or pole with our included straps for both the wireless NanoStation transmitter and IP-PTZ surveillance camera. This system is ideal for light post and private utility poles. The transmitter, receiver and surveillance cameras can just about any structure. Once the camera and transmitter is programmed it can be moved and transferred to other locations as needed. It will power up and automatically connect to the DVR or NVR it was paired to.


Power for the wireless transmitter and the receiver is less than 12 watts. That’s less the wattage required to run the smallest light bulb. PTZ Mobile View Includes: Indoor/Outdoor 5GHz airMax 16dBi transmitter & receiver HD-TVI 23x Zoom IP-PTZ camera with 720 HD pixels Host configuration for changeable default IP Metal & Plastic straps for secure pole installation 15 volt, 12 watt ground loop power supply for transmitter 24 volt power supply for PTZ surveillance camera Mobile PTZ control from iVMS app for Android & Apple devices



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3 reviews for 1 Mile Wireless Connected HD Security Camera with Zoom & Tilt Control

  1. Armand Lucas

    The longest distance we’ve recorded with full PTZ function and 7.5 Mbps video transmission is 2 kilometers which happens to be 1 1/4 miles.

  2. Vemil Putra

    It worked at a range of 2 kilometers and camera worked as stated but I didn’t know we needed to have dvr to record video. This is not stated. I thought this unit had built in recording. We did buy dvr. Now we add more cameras to cover terminal.

  3. phillip

    I thought I was over reacting but the long range camera came in handy the moment it went up. Caught an employee dumping fresh food wrapped into another business dumpster and an ex employee picked it up later in his car. Police got a copy immediately before I got there because of the mobile phone view, record and send and they were arrested within an hour.

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