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Innovative Low Cost Home Automation

Open & lock your doors remotely as well as turn on lights and appliances for under $300. View, talk and listen to your HD security camera located at your home or apartment from your mobile phone remotely for under $150 and get security face recognition for free. With little or no monthly fees, Home Automation doesn’t have to be expensive. Share List

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Police Say Fingerprints Are No Longer Necessary?

Several police departments are stating that they may reduce or eliminate fingerprinting procedures during burglary investigations citing rising cost of personnel needed for violent crimes.  Sketch artist are further being reduced if not eliminated or outsourced all together Share List

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Break-ins in Sanford Florida Down?

Sanford, Florida break ins are high compared to surrounding areas but they’re almost half of what they were just 14 years ago, according to Crime-index.com. This is probably due to better policing strategies and the building Renaissance of the early and middle 2000’s in Sanford which added more upscale homes and gated communities. Unfortunately, the Trayvon Martin case has brought notoriety to the town of about 55,000 people and the only township close by with a higher burglary rate is Share List

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How To Fail a Lie Detector Test While Telling The Truth

Don’t get caught telling the truth! There is a reason why lie detector officials ask only short and direct questions. Making their best effort not to smile or frown or give any indication of how the answers were perceived. Deviating just slightly from a question can cause a “false positive”. Recently, a very good friend of mine decided to apply for a police department position. One of the requirements to take the job was that she take a lie detector test. Unfortunately, Share List

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5 Reasons Why Your Cable Company Will Win You Back

Cable companies want to serve up more than just stale movies, they want to protect you from home invaders as well as Netflix. Here are 5 ways the cable companies will win you and your money back; 1. Cable companies will charge you more than double and you’ll be happy about it. ComCast (Xfinity), BrightHouse and a few other cable companies have entered the home automation and security business in full force, promising a whole home experience from entertainment to security. Cable companies have been losing customers in the millions…

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3 Ways to Catch A Crook From Your Mobile Phone

Criminals seem to have an advantage over us when it comes to the element of surprise or gaining knowledge of our passwords and habits but there are several ways to turn the tables in our favor. It seems that nowadays, thieves and criminals will steal anything that’s not nail down from laptops to water hoses. Unfortunately, most of us don’t realize something is missing until the perpetrator is long gone and well on his way. Little do most of us know, we carry the one tool that can catch thieves…

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Chicago’s Humboldt Park – Safe?

Humboldt Park, located West of Western Ave and South of Logan Square in Chicago is becoming the new hot location to live as well as a destination for college students,  hipters and tourist.  Long known for its large Puerto Rican presence since the early 70’s, the mixture of residents, unique shops, restaurants and a 207 acre park that’s the envy of communities throughout the Midwest is quickly becoming a jewel for moderate to low income families. Rent is on the rise but is still significantly Share List

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4 Reasons Why Your Keys and Wallet Are Obsolete

Our habits can change rapidly when a leap in technology helps us to enrich or provide more time in our daily lives. For example, with the advent of smartphones,  photos that are dear to us are no longer stuck  in our wallets or photo albums. We share and comment on them instantly because of our reliance on handheld technology. Sharing photos happens to be the  first popular and practical cloud service offered that happen to have a practical use. Very few people still carry photos in their wallets today because…

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Your Security System Is Spying On You

With some security systems a burglar or a home invader can learn you and your family’s routines, see who’s presently home and see if your alone.  Security systems were not designed to give up this type of information but unfortunately for some homeowners, these systems can be the tool others can use to disarm and invade your home with the least amount of trouble for them. Here are a few tips to avoid having your security system tell on you.. Share List

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Game Systems That Fight Real Crime

There has been a lot of talk about making electronic devices with GPS tracking that can be activated by the police. Unfortunately, many manufacturers of popular devices site cost and implementation as a reason not to install such a measure in their devices but luckily there is software you can install in certain devices that can help you catch the criminal red handed. In fact I found two stories of devices catching criminals on video as they celebrated their Share List

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How Much Does Security Camera Installers Make?

This question can be answered in two ways, are you asking about independent security camera installers or someone who works for a company or installation outfit? Most companies that offer security camera installation require that their installers have experience in a multitude of low voltage wiring such as security cameras, wall mounting TVs, sound system installation and data wiring. Depending on what part of the country he or she lives in, an experienced installer can expect to get paid $180 to $300 for a full day install in rural areas and small towns depending on…

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