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5 Megapixel Cameras
4K Security cameras
Nanny Cameras
Pan, Tilt, Zoom Cameras
Movement Tracking Cameras
Network Cameras

We bring together years of experience in the computer, networking, wiring, and CCTV industries. Monitor the actions of your children, babysitter, nanny, employees, managers, etc..

We will install a surveillance camera system, maintain and support it.
Our Security Cameras are very user-friendly. No technical or computer knowledge is necessary.

Wired Digital

Wired Digital cameras work similarly to closed-circuit televisions, the added additional capabilities such as the ability to edit and view from a computer. These cameras are connected into the power system of a house or building.

Wireless Digital

Wireless digital surveillance systems can broadcast through WiFi to aid in viewing the camera remotely. Wireless surveillance systems have bit added benefit of being able to be viewed from anywhere in the world with Internet access. Less wire also means a less cluttered area for the camera. The camera is less detectable because it does not have wires leading to it.


Hidden surveillance systems are becoming very popular, especially in the field of child care. Hidden cameras are completely legal and can help to protect a building without giving away the fact that it is being protected.
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