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The police want to know if You have video proof when your car is vandalized. Get the proof you need when someone keys your car or truck. You need a vehicle camera system that records 24-hours a day at 60 frames per second without draining your batteries and we are the shop that can install it professionally for you.
Catch audio and video of your car or truck being vandalized. We provide detailed instructions on how to use your 24-Hour security camera system for your car or truck.

Our highly experienced team also install remote car starters, car alarms, radios, mobile video with the top quality workmanship you expect for your vehicle.

Purchase your Blackvue cameras below to save up to 25% and receive a free hotspot device for your car or truck so you can view your cloud-connected cameras anywhere using the free Cloud service included with the app.

High-end vehicle camera devices, audio systems and speakers, Viper and other alarm installations

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(510) 693-5932
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