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North Country Mobile
Oceanside, California

Your vehicle is vulnerable in parking lots or parked overnight. Get the proof you need when someone keys or vandalize your car or truck. Protect your cars from vandals, disgruntled neighbors, co-workers or ex-significant others. Have us install a 24-hour security camera dash cam system that records audio and video around your vehicle day and night without draining your battery or wallet since you can operate the system without a monthly fee.

Purchase your Blackvue cameras below to save up to 25% and receive a free hotspot device for your car or truck so you can view your cloud-connected cameras anywhere using the free Cloud service included with the app.

We install Dash cams, Tints, Sound Systems, Custom systems.
We provide multiple installation solutions, Same day service, and 12-volt accessories.
We install 360 vehicle cameras with 60 Frames Per Second video recording.

Our highly experienced team specializes in mobile audio and video components and accessories and we provide detail instructions on how to use your 24-Hour security camera system for your car or truck.

North Country Mobile Electronics
4035 Oceanside Blvd
Bldg E38
Oceanside, CA 92056
Phone number (760) 967-1100
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