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You need a security camera system that can record 24 hours, day or night while parked or driving. Our cameras are low profile and powerful enough to record video and audio 360 degrees around your car or truck at all times. You may not be able to prevent vandalism but you can definitely catch them in the act by viewing the cameras remotely from your mobile phone or computer with audio. You can also download any recorded video incident onto your mobile phone and instantly share it with authorities or upload the incident to Youtube for all to see. The vehicle cameras that come with this system are the closest you'll get to hidden cameras for your car or truck. They are ergonomically designed to blend in and look like a part of your vehicle. The front camera sits just behind the review mirror, peeking out just to the left. The back camera is even smaller and is unnoticeable by passengers or onlookers. Beware of cheap knockoffs that may look like our cameras. They can't handle the extreme heat and cold of Chicago's frequently changing weather. They also don't carry a full warranty and on-call staff to answer questions or help you with any concerns.

Professional installers are available throughout the Chicago area as well as most locations in the U.S. If you live in Chicago or surrounding communities, Use coupon code vehi20 to get an additional discount when you order your cameras.

Here are a few examples of what our 24-Hour 360 Vehicle cameras can do:

The camera system is powered by your vehicle's battery. Your battery is protected by the included PMP that monitors your battery power and will cut off the security cameras if your the power from your battery falls below a certain threshold. This ensures that your battery has enough power to start the engine for your next trip.

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