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Amarillo, Texas

Remember digital photo frames? Relics from the pre-tablet and iPad era, they were designed to sit on your end table and cycle through shots of your recent trip to Cancun. Vision art, on the other hand, can best be described as a piece of artwork which conceals your flat panel television. You may be asking yourself, how can a painting conceal my flat panel television? Imagine a masterfully crafted unit that can handle thousands of hours of use and completely blow away your guests when they find out your hanging artwork is also your flat screen television. Total control is always at your fingertips whether using a touch panel, remote or custom keypad. You pick the artwork and frames from a number of themes and choices.

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We have a variety of wood frame to choose from, and you can insert any art print or photo you wish to see inside the frame or maybe us a mirror for a more contemporary feel in the house! It’s up to you to decide and we aim to please.

We are experts in:

Home Theater * Home Automation * Lighting Condition * Digital Signage

We support, install and program: Klipsch Speakers * Optomo * Control4 * Denon * DirectTV * Apple TV * Fire TV

We can relocate your satellite TV outlet, add additional cable and satellite outlets, mount your TV with professional wall mount brackets and add floating shelves to compliment a contemporary look.

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  • Reply to Kris by Armand Lucas
    Kris, You can get a 10% referral payment if any of your friends or family members you refer to us hires us to install or upgrade any Home Theater set up.
    Posted on 11/16/2017 at 11:47:12
  • One hand washes the other by Kris Kaspersky
    Hey, After you installed it in my living room - my girl has been showing it off to a few friends who want to get theirs on the wall too with artwork. We must have given your number out a dozen times. Now my girl wants it in the bedroom too. Question, do you take care of customers who send you a referral? I appreciate giving us a good price but I'm sure we sent you a few customers just by showing off ours. Let me know. Kaspersky
    Posted on 11/16/2017 at 04:11:26

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