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Viewing your security cameras after a terrible incident happened is actually too late to make an immediate difference. You need security cameras that will notify you when an individual or a group loiters, steal an item or drive too fast on your property. Parking Detection lets you know if someone parked in a designated area. Door Detection can notify you via the mobile app if someone enters or exits a door during restricted times. It can also give you a head count to determine how many people came and left an area or room. As you can see, our security camera system can do more than show you a pretty video view at 4K resolution.

Our 3-year warranty covers more than just equipment, It establishes a relationship with our clients to make sure they are confident in using the many of the features offered by our security camera systems. We also keep our client's security cameras updated with the latest firmware to make sure that their security cameras are working at their optimal level for years to come.

Our staff will make sure you fully understand how to use and view your security cameras from any computer, mobile phone or tablet. The installation team will make sure that your wiring is professionally hidden and cameras are placed in the best possible position for the widest video coverage. You'll receive free programming and on-hand instruction so you can view and control your security cameras anywhere from your mobile phone, tablet or computer and we include free online tech support for as long as you own your security camera system.

Here is a list of features we offer with a few of our security camera systems:

* Loitering Detection
* Parking Detection
* Fast Moving Detection
* Face Detection
* Line Crossing Detection
* Traffic Detection
* People Gathering Detection
* On Screen Cash Register Totals
* Unattended Baggage Detection
* Object Removal Detection
* Color At Night ( for Low Light Illumination)
*5 to 12 Megapixel Vandal Resistant Security cameras

4 Camera System with Installation start at $799

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We proudly install and service 4K security camera systems in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Plano, Garland, Irving, Frisco, Irving and Denton
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