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Sanford, Florida

4 Camera System with Installation start at $795

Looking at security footage after a bad incident happens is almost useless. We have security camera systems that can notify you or a manager immediately via a mobile app if a particular item has been moved or stolen. It can also monitor and notify someone when people gather or loiter in certain unsecured areas. Also, if someone hits the entrance gate or if a car is driving too fast, the system can quickly catalog the vehicle involved and notify you of the incident in real-time. Security cameras with these features are more affordable nowadays but it's our continuing service throughout your 3-year warranty that makes our customers happy.

We connect with our clients every few months to make sure they are confident in using their security camera system with all of its available features. We also make sure that our customers stay on top of their firmware upgrades to make sure that their camera system is working at an optimal level of performance. We've installed security cameras exclusively since 2001 and offered security camera installation in Central Florida since 2012.

Here are a few of the automated features we offer with our security camera systems:

* Traffic & Parking Detection
* Line Crossing Detection
* Loitering Detection
* People Gathering Detection
* Fast Moving Detection
* Enter & Exit Doorway Detection
* Intrusion Detection
* Unattended Baggage Detection
* Object Removal Detection
* 2 Megapixel to 12 Megapixel security cameras
* Color At Night for (low lit areas)
* Human Body Detection (Smart detection that eliminates most false alarms)

4 Camera System with Installation start at $695

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We provide free estimates for surveillance camera installations in Sanford Florida as well as Orlando, Altamonte Springs, Maitland, Lake Mary, Kissimmee, Debary, Deltona, Geneva, Oviedo, Longwood and Orange City.

Experts of PTZ, ePTZ, IP, HD-TVI, Fisheye, and 4K Ultra HD security camera systems.
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