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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Receive a flat rate for your computer network and phone installation. We offer free phone jacks as well as network cabling and data jacks. Forget paying for extras. Our flat rate saves you money by not charging an hourly fee.
We install and service routers, switches, phone systems and High Definition Security Cameras. The most affordable installers in the area who are insured and licensed in the state of Oklahoma that install and repair cat5, cat5e, cat6 cabling.
We service Metro OKC as well as El Reno, Mustang, Nichols Hills, Bethany and other surrounding communities.
Price for one network cable run from router/switch to a terminated jack $285
Price for 4 or more network cable runs from router/switch to termination $165 per run
Price for 16 or more network cable runs from router/switch to jack $125
All prices include network cabling and/or CATV cable as well as data, phone and CATV jacks for each termination.

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