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Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas

Tell us what you need and we'll match you with the right security cameras for your budget. Get new security cameras or upgrade your existing surveillance cameras to a high definition hybrid system that is affordable, flexible and can take the punishment of extreme weather. Our security camera supplier is so confident about their security cameras' sturdiness that they let us offer a 3 year warranty on our high definition low cost surveillance cameras.

Once we know your security camera requirements we'll match you with one of our highly skilled and certified security camera contractors who specialize in professionally wiring businesses and homes for security cameras.

Our highly recommended installers are insured and bonded and charge a flat fee for their services. No cost overrun surprises after your installation. Our contractors charge as low as $125 per security camera installed as long as the security cable run is 125 feet or less. If the cable run is longer or require the installer to add conduit, buried cable or special wiring, you'll be given a detailed quote for the completed job.

Most of our clients only require analog security cameras which is perfect for monitoring areas that are within 15 to 20 feet of the security camera with a 60 degree width. If you need a particular camera position to cover a much larger area we suggest a security camera with an adjustable lens or upgrade the camera to HD-TVI which gives you high definition 1.3 Megapixel security video without the high definition price.

For clients who need to cover 50 feet or more in a certain area we suggest having a digital security camera installed. Depending on your needs, for a wide view or if you want to have the ability to zoom toward a cash register, vehicle license plate or farm equipment and animals, our security camera contractors will be able to assist with helping you pick the right security camera for you and your budget in the Fort Worth - Dallas area.

When it comes to viewing your cameras remotely, we offer free online programming so you can view, control and playback video from your mobile phone, tablet or computer from anywhere. We use the famous ivms-4500 and VMS-7000 app that allows you to quickly playback and share video with police, neighbors or other authorities right from your mobile device.Get an affordable security camera system with the right installation and warranty that will last you for years to come.

If your in a financial crunch and you need surveillance cameras today, let us offer you 6 months to pay without interest or monthly payments to help you get the high definition cameras you need now. Mention HomeRestored.com and get free online programming.

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