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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We do what the phone company and cable company won't do, or our competitors will charge you way too much to do for your home or business.
We install mesh wireless WiFi system for hotels, motels, cafes and malls
We are fully insured, efficient, competitive data cable provider.
We are a Technicians / Installers with ample experience and we've been installing data cables since 1998.


We are running a special on setting up a wireless network in your home or business.
$295 complete. This is for a new Netgear dual band wireless router configured to your personal specifications. You pick the network name and your own unique password and it will be connected to your existing internet connection.

Here is some more of what we do (commercial and residential):

-Installation of mesh wireless internet connections
-Design and install Data, voice, audio, video and security networks
-install internet / ethernet / phone / data jacks (new installation)
-hardwire any phone system
-clean up any current wire or cable mess
-configure custom network/system cables
-set up wireless / wifi networks with unique names (public/password encrypted)
-install external satellite antennas for better inside reception
-PBX cutovers / VOIP line setup / porting
-Sell / install / maintain refurbished and new small and large business phone systems
-cat 5e / cat6e (giga network)
-Install / maintain / service phone systems: Partner, Avaya, Lucent, Nortel, Meridian, Merlin
-design / install home theater system / office / apple TV / BlueRay / speakers / surround sound

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