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Tampa, Florida

Restaurants need special types of surveillance cameras that can handle kitchen humidity, low lit areas and cash registers, as well as long and wide views of the the dining area, kitchen and prep rooms. We carry wide angle high definition security cameras that are highly adaptable to humidity and variable lighting with 4 times more night vision so you can see in the darkest corners inside or even the darkest parking lots next to your restaurant. Our security cameras come with a 3 year warranty directly from the manufacturer and our expert and licensed installation is guaranteed to be the best price in the Florida Bay area.
Keep in mind, you'll be able to view your security cameras from either your mobile phone, tablet or computer remotely and you'll always have tech support waiting if you have any questions or concerns.
Call 800-590-4226 for a walk through of your restaurant to see where we can place the best camera views for your location.
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