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5 Grim Reasons Why You Need To Mount Your TV On The Wall

Outside of having the cool look and aesthetics of a flat screen TV hanging from your living room or bedroom wall, there are some very grim reasons why you may want to have your TV above and beyond the danger zone that’s planted just a few feet from the ground. Our¬†professional TV Installers and Home Theater specialist compiled 5 serious reasons why they believe you should want to mount your TV on your wall. Reason #5 Robberies Hopefully, you never have to experience coming home to your house or apartment…

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How Home Theaters Lost Their Wow Factor

There was a time when mentioning a home theater use to conjure up images of grand homes with posh movie rooms that only an exclusive few friends got a chance to experience. Now with the advent of inexpensive large screen televisions, Bluetooth speakers and expanded home theater furniture, many find that their home theater’s lure has vanished. Home theaters use to have a special appeal but now that the main components of that appeal have become more affordable to the average homeowner who has decked out their empty nests into…

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