Sat. Aug 8th, 2020

4 thoughts on “5 Ways a Hidden Camera Can Land You In Prison

  1. I was wondering what the boundaries are for using a hidden gopro to record the food and dining experience of a restaurant. I would of course blur out any and all faces that happen to be shown and will not be recording the audio of others conversations. The main priority is to film the food experience for a YouTube channel. How can I do this without creating any legal issues or having to have the restaurants permission as I wish to stay anonymous. Again, this would strictly be to capture the food experience and not include any of the other diners.

    1. Remember, restaurants are public places. As long as you are capturing food and blurring out the faces of the restaurant patrons, you shouldn’t have any legal problems. The problem that may occur is during the times you give a bad revue and the owner or manager of the establishment wishes to sue you for improperly capturing videos or pictures in their restaurant. This is usually a scare tactic to get you to take down your video or pictures. Most suits never make it to court because they are usually thrown out before being heard. Yelp and other platforms experience lawsuits like these often but to date, they rarely have cases that result in a takedown.

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