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5 Important Features BlackVue Dash Cam Owners Don’t Use But Should

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BlackVue vehicle cameras are the most versatile dashcam system available in the market today. Unfortunately, there are so many owners of BlackVue cameras who are not aware that they’re missing out on the best features these cameras have to offer.

For example, most vendors of Blackvue cameras offer their systems with the older Power Magic Pro which is great for saving your car from a discharged battery but customers find the Power Magic Pro better known as a PMP hard to install. Even professional installers have been known to install them improperly causing the cameras not to work in parking mode or worse yet, cause damage to the cameras.

Because of this confusion, we now offer our clients an easier way to power your cameras with an OBD power connector with the same battery discharge preventing mechanism built-in.

This new OBD Power Connector connects to your vehicle’s OBD  data service port, usually located under the steering column skirt on the left. With one snap, your cameras are powered for drive and Park mode, making installation quick and easy for customers or novice installers.

When you purchase your Blackvue camera system from us here at, we provide an OBD power connector for free with your purchase.

If you have a sensor module already plugged into your vehicle’s OBD port, we can supply you with a Y connector to allow you to have both the cameras and your module – safely installed – in the same OBD port.

Camera Positioning

With the Blackvue cameras’ cylindrical design, you can create a nearly 360-degree view by rolling the cameras inward. You will have a view of the inside of your vehicle while viewing the surrounding area through your vehicle windows. Trucks and SUVs have a particular height advantage – which is perfect for capturing chest to face at a close range as well as recording long range 360-degree views. Regular passenger cars may need to have their cameras positioned lower by just a few inches on the windshield – to capture faces of people standing close to their vehicle.

Rotating Image

When you place your cameras in the 360-degree position, You must rotate the video image for viewing as well as recording in the BlackVue app. To do so connect to the cameras WiFi signal and Press the cog wheel to get to settings.

Choose the Firmware Settings on top.

Then, – select Basic

Afterward, go to the rear camera at the bottom of the screen, and turn on – Video Rotation. Don’t worry about the front camera. It automatically rotates the video image upright when the camera is facing inward. Now you are viewing completely around your vehicle – when you toggle between the front and back camera.

Remote Viewing & Notifications

BlackVue gives you 3 ways to view your cameras.

The most common one is through a direct WiFi connection from your cameras to your phone. You can view your DashCams from the BlackVue app when you are near (30 to 90 feet) or sitting inside your vehicle. No internet connection is required.

The second way to view your cameras is through Cloud viewing. You can receive notifications and view your cameras while it’s parked miles away or in another state using a mobile hotspot in your vehicle.

When you make your order at, we do not expect you to go out of your way to search for – and pay for a hotspot device. We will supply you with a link – that will allow you to get a free hotspot modem – with free data – and no obligation

Computer Downloading & Monitoring

The third way to monitor or view your BlackVue cameras is through a Windows or Apple computer.

You can download days of recorded video from the DashCam’s SD card all at once.
When purchased by, you get an extra year of warranty on your SD card with free replacements. No matter where you purchase your Blackvue cameras, you will be able to view recorded video directly on your computer or you can monitor your vehicle’s GPS and live video feed remotely when your BlackVue cameras are connected to an internet hotspot.

If you’re worried about hackers viewing your recorded or live videos without your permission or knowledge, let me put you at ease. Each BlackVue camera system has bank encrypted password and protocol settings to keep the cameras protected from remote hacking. Unless you have shared your username and password, hackers will have to get through several protocols before they can attempt to hack into your cameras.

Which brings us to Stealth Mode and Cloud Recording

BlackVue cameras have indicator lights on both the front and back cameras that blink on and off to update you about its function status and power readiness. The cameras also have voice prompts to let you know when you are entering Park or drive mode as well as other functions. You can completely go into stealth mode by turning off the indicator lights – as well as any voice prompts you don’t want others around your vehicle to see or hear.

Just go into Settings like before, – choose Firmware Settings, – then System, -and press – LED. Choose which indicator lights you don’t want to display. Most customers who choose this option choose to turn off all the indicator lights and the camera’s voice prompts.

When choosing to silence the voice prompts. Go back to Firmware Settings then System and choose Voice Guidance to do the same for voice prompts.

When you purchase your Blackvue cameras through us here at, you will receive links to video instructions and a free hotspot device with free monthly service to allow you to connect to your cameras remotely to receive unlimited notifications with limited camera views from anywhere. Learn more about how to use your BlackVue camera’s system along with other security camera systems available from our online store.

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  1. Don Funk

    I live in an apartment complex and wanted to provide extra security for my vehicle. After trying several cheap dash cam systems, I was fortunate to find the Black Vue vehicle camera system and purchased my camera system from Home Restored. After setting up the cameras with a Freedom Pop modem, as recommended on the website, I was amazed at the quality of the video and the sensitivity of the system. It truly does all they claim it does. Alerts to my phone allow me to keep track of my car’s location and get a real time video of surroundings.
    I had a small glitch with the camera’s operation after about 7 months and received terrific personal service from Lucas at Home Restored. He got my camera working quickly and at no cost to me. The culprit: a possibility defective SD card. While doing diagnostic tests, i was even able to see the location in Florida from across the country!
    I love my camera system – AND Home Restored! Thanks!

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